Saturday 30 March 2024

A Carnivore's Lair : Meat Feds, Taman Paramount

Today saw us abandoning our usual lunch spot at Kar Hiong for Meat Feds, Taman Paramount.

Friday 29 March 2024

Raya At The Starling

The Hari Raya deco at The Starling is up and very colorful. A burst or shall I say an explosion of colors?

Thursday 28 March 2024

Soup and Eggs for Dinner

I love soups because they are not only delicious but nutritious and can be batch cooked in advance.

Wednesday 27 March 2024

What I Am Eating

I am still pretty much a meat eater. When I was a child, I lived with my grandparents and I do not remember being encouraged to eat vegetables.

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Something New

All too soon it was again Saturday. So off we went to the nursing home for our weekly visit to see dad.

Saturday 23 March 2024

Romancing Ah Boy

This Ah Boy is the nursing home resident cat. We don't know his name, so Ah Boy it is.

Friday 22 March 2024

Meet The Kats

Well, you have already met them but this is a formal post to introduce the kittens by name.

Thursday 21 March 2024

Last Nite's Dinner

If you followed me long enough, you would know what that is. Kimchi Jigae!

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Ducky Wednesday

I guess I couldn't help it when I was hit by another craving for quack quack last Wednesday.

Monday 18 March 2024

Monday Tapau

Last Monday I went to Restoran Bee Fatt 1111 to tapau siew yoke from the chicken rice stall.

Saturday 16 March 2024

Friday 15 March 2024

Salty But Delish

On Tuesday, I thought of making it only one meal ie dinner but I was peckish.

Thursday 14 March 2024

Makan and Movie

Last Saturday we went up to the nursing home to see dad. Every visit we bring some supplies.

Wednesday 13 March 2024

I Ate Rice. Yikes!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have discontinued Level 2 of the Feasting and Fasting Program

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Level 2 Day #6 & Day #7 : Going MAD

I think I am not going to follow or even be guided by the Level 2 Schedule. In other words, I am abandoning Level 2 and just going by the flow.

Monday 11 March 2024

Sunday 10 March 2024

Level 2 Day #3 : Carnivoring At A Wedding

On day #3 (last Sunday) I was at a wedding. Sunday is typically a day when I don't go anywhere (except to Aeon for groceries).

Saturday 9 March 2024

Level 2 Day #2 : A Feast for Two

Last Saturday mum was not feeling well. So she did not follow my brother and I to the nursing home.

Friday 8 March 2024

Level 2 Day #1 : OMAD

For Level 2 of the Feasting and Fasting Program, I have decided not to follow the schedule so strictly. I will only use it as a guide.

Thursday 7 March 2024

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Priming Day (#26, #27 and) #28 : Fatt Kee Soy Sauce Chicken Rice

This stall, Fatt Kee Soy Sauce Chicken Rice @ Damansara Kim was a firm favorite of my auntie and late uncle.

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Priming Day #24 & #25 : I Ate Carbs

Day #24 was Chap Goh Meh. Because it was also a Saturday, lunch with my other brother joining was not at our usual place.

Sunday 3 March 2024

Priming Day #22 : OMAD

Honestly I had no idea what I ate on day #22 hah..hah..hah... It was my first OMAD (One Meal A Day) on the program.

Saturday 2 March 2024

Priming Day #21 : Price Increase

It was a Wednesday and this was the day that Kittie Kat birthed the kittens (possibly late into the evening since I discovered them early next morning).

Friday 1 March 2024

Priming Day #18, 19 & 20 : Steak and Eggs

At this time I was still oblivious to the fact that my little Kittie Kat was going to present me with grandchildren. Ignorance is bliss!