Friday 29 September 2017

So Where is the Birthday Cake?

No fancy cakes for me, please. So. I bought myself a cake. Ah Mah Traditional Egg Sponge Cake to be exact.

Thursday 28 September 2017

It's My Freakin Birthday!

So, I turned 50 recently. Fifty! 50! Lima puluh! Goh chap! Gawd... Is that old or what?

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake

Obsessed. Or possessed? I baked this sponge cake three times last weekend. Yeah, like I had nothing better to do. Sometimes, I am overcome by a certain kind of madness.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

One More Try

After tasting the Wanton Mee at Pudu Chan Fatt Wantan Mee (CLOSED) and not liking it, I went back after reading about the Lion Head Meatballs and Chinese Sausage with Fried Egg on Kris' blog. I simply had to taste those two dishes.

Monday 25 September 2017

BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Quite some time ago, I found a Bobby Flay recipe for Asian Spice Rubbed Ribs with Pineapple Ginger BBQ Sauce. The BBQ sauce sounded very exotic, what with pineapple as an ingredient.

Thursday 21 September 2017

I'm a Chewy Cookie Convert

I used to wonder why do Americans (and other angmohs) love soft chewy cookies. All my life, I have always eaten crunchy cookies. Aren't cookies supposed to be  crunchy?

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Simply Ribs!

While running errands one day, my brother discovered a new restaurant, Simply Ribs@Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Being a ribs lover, he visited one day and sent me a picture of his lunch.

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Eggs with a Kick : Shakshuka!

The humble egg. Much maligned for its supposedly unhealthy cholesterol content. Bah! I never listened, never believed and ate 3 eggs a day to no ill effects.

Monday 18 September 2017

Cheddar Cheese Loaf

For someone who has a love hate relationship with cheese, it's rather strange to find me baking a butter cake that contains cheese. 

Friday 15 September 2017

Juicy Spicy Thighs

This is the Spicy Chicken that I saw on Paul Hollywood's Bread. It was actually Spicy Shredded Chicken because it was shredded and eaten with tortilla. But after I took the chicken out of the oven, it seemed such a shame to shred them.

Thursday 14 September 2017

Oh My Garden!

My garden has been largely neglected but lately I have been taking time out on Sunday mornings to tend to my plants. It's a joy to step out of the house to see these cheery looking leaves.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Roasted Tomato Salsa

The other evening I was flipping channels on the TV. That was when I chanced upon Paul Hollywood's TV show, Bread. Any fans of Paul Hollywood here?

Tuesday 12 September 2017

So Slimy So Geli....

After reading on Mun's post on Tororo Yamaimo, I became very curious. I did see this item on the menu at Mitsuyado Sei-Men when I visited earlier but I was not that adventurous to try this very unfamiliar thing.

Monday 11 September 2017

Who Put Mojo in My Food?

Baking mojo! All of a sudden, I was inspired to bake. So last weekend I baked, baked, baked.

Friday 8 September 2017

No Need to Cook!

With readily available food with such variety from the chap fan (mixed rice/nasi campur) stalls, there is no need to cook right? Right!

Thursday 7 September 2017

A Very Heavy Brunch

Update : Vine@The Starling has closed down.

One morning my brother dropped by the office. It was only 10:30 am but the two of us went over to a new eatery at The Starling for a bite to eat.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

I've Lost That Baking Feeling

Did you realize that I haven't baked for a while? Of course you did. After all, I started off as Phong Hong Bakes and then I realized I couldn't live up to that name and changed it to Phong Hong Bakes & Cooks.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Sarawak Laksa

After trying Kampua Mee at SRK Noodle House (CLOSED) I dropped by again. That first Kampua Mee did not impress me but I wasn't going to let that first impression deter me from at least giving the well known East Malaysian noodle another chance.

Monday 4 September 2017

Eating Kerabu While Being Spooked

Are you on holiday today? Thursday was Merdeka Day dan Friday was Hari Raya Haji. And the evening before Merdeka Day, our Prime Minister declared Monday (today) a public holiday due to Malaysia's exceptional achievement at the SEA Games. Sweet, eh?