Friday 27 April 2018

I Eat Free Again

Sorry for the lack of cooking/baking posts, ya? My parents are in town and my weekend schedule is kinda disrupted. I usually do my chores on Saturdays but now these are pushed to Sundays, hence I have no time to cook/bake. 

Thursday 26 April 2018

I Finally Went To That Crab Place

Update : Crab Factory has closed down.

I have always been curious about Crab Factory and Shell Out where your seafood is cooked and then poured onto the table. I am not a seafood fan, I am more of a chicken person but I wanted that experience at least once.

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Never Trust A Healthy Burger

I was at a loss for what to eat and then I saw this banner. Healthy Dinosaur Burger. "Loaded With Flavour" it said. So why not?

Tuesday 24 April 2018

My Free Smoothie Bowl

Well, it's not exactly free as in I sit down, eat and then leave. There is a catch of course. You have to purchase any product worth at least RM10.00, then you qualify for the Members Eat Free on Mondays and Thursdays.

Monday 23 April 2018

Pasta and Vegetable Salad

Last weekend I made a Pasta Salad for my mum and my brother. Dad couldn't eat this because he was recovering from an upset tummy. So I made him a soup, something like this one but stripped down to only meatballs and  finely cubed carrots and potatoes.

Friday 20 April 2018

How to Reheat Frozen Fritters (My Way)

You know how I love to chuck stuff into the freezer. Cookies, rice, curry, cakes, bacon, bread, you name it, I got it frozen.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Luncheon Meat Omelette

This is something that I enjoy a lot from my childhood days. Whenever I see those cans of luncheon meat at the pork shop, the first thing I think of is luncheon meat omelette.

Wednesday 18 April 2018

When You Are Served Cold Food

So. OK, I caved in and gave myself a cheat meal. I was feeling fatigued and light headed which I believe was the effect of carb restriction. Besides I did make some progress, my pants fitted better. This calls for a small reward does it not?

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Grilled Sausage Pasta with Chimichurri

This happened during my chimichurri-craze-phase. I had some chimichurri leftover in a bottle in the fridge and it had been there for a week. Before it got funky I thought it might be nice to toss some pasta with my favorite green sauce.

Monday 16 April 2018

Pretty Critters

Sometimes my garden is graced by the presence of pretty butterflies. Oopps! I remember TM's creepy story and I now look at butterflies differently. Oh dear!

Friday 13 April 2018

After So Many Years, I Still Freak Him Out

As usual on Friday evening, he will ask me "chiak hamik ?" (what shall we eat)? That's when I took the opportunity to take my partner to Robataya@1 Utama. Whether he likes it or not heh..heh...

Thursday 12 April 2018

Curry Flowers Don't Smell Like Curry

My curry plant flowered again recently. Up until now, I never bothered to smell the flowers, assuming that they would smell of curry.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

My Favorite One Dish Meal

One of the easiest dishes to prepare. You've got meat and vegetables in one dish and all you need is a bowl of rice. But for me, I can eat this by itself, no rice required. 

Tuesday 10 April 2018


This was on a day when I felt very heavy and bloated after many days of indulging on carb laden food. I couldn't face anymore of thisthis and this. So I decided to go for something light and wholesome (though with some carbs).

Monday 9 April 2018

Goat Food Again

I have been grazing lately. Yeah, make like a goat. Eating vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables. Like eating grass. Just as well, I was born in the year of the goat.

Friday 6 April 2018

Sopoong : A Revisit

One day (some weeks ago) I planned to go to Annie 1 for the Curry Chicken Rice Set. But guess what? It rained cats and dogs while I was inside The Starling. So I had to eat at the mall. That's when I remembered Mun's post of her makan outing with her friends at Sopoong@MyTown.

Thursday 5 April 2018

A Piggy Birthday Celebration

It was my brother's birthday last month and he wanted dinner at Morganfield's. The last time we were there was back in 2014 at The Curve.

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Creamy Almond Butter Spiced Salad Dressing

"Eat rice,ah?". I got that message from my brother two days ago. Last week, we both swore that we would go low carb this month to lose some excess fat. 

Tuesday 3 April 2018

My Best Banana Cake

Sometimes, in the safety of my kitchen, I blow my own trumpet. Pom...pom...POMMMM!!!! 

Monday 2 April 2018

Go Street Noodle : Like Wanton Mee Meets Bak Kut Teh (Closed)

When I went to the bank the other day, I noticed that a new eatery has opened - Go Street Noodle. Eh? I had a quick peek inside the restaurant and yup, it looked like Go Noodle House.