Sunday 30 September 2018

From Boring to Awesome : My Mille Crepe Birthday Cake!

Yesterday my brother gave me a pleasant surprise. I was chatting with mum at his house when the door bell rang. Mum asked me to go outside the pick up a delivery.

Friday 28 September 2018

My Boring Birthday

Another year has passed and I am now 51. When I turned 50 it felt quite celebratory because I crossed that halfway line to half a century. So for the next 9 years it will be the same old same old and then I get excited at 60. Hah!

Thursday 27 September 2018

BKT Again

I was very hungry and decided to go back to Pin Qian Klang Bak Kut Teh. I had to taste the Klang BKT again to decide if I actually liked it or not. On my earlier visit, I thought that the broth was too strong for my liking.

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Hokkien Mee or Wat Tan Hor?

Decisions. Decisions. I went back to Champ's a few more times and instead of trying something new, I stuck to the Chee Yok Fan. Like I said before, I am addicted.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Still My Favorite

Update : Theori Food has closed down.

I still tapau food from Theori Food@Damansara Uptown from time to time. In fact I don't visit those regular chap fan stall anymore. Wah, this auntie so high class these days.

Monday 24 September 2018

Suddenly Cats

For the past 2 weeks or so, I had a case of "I see cats". Three times mind you.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Dhall Gone Wrong

It is 6:25pm Sunday when I finally sit down in front of my PC to write this post (wah, posting in real time!). From the time I got home from my morning grocery run, I have been on my feet doing my epic cooking.

Friday 21 September 2018

Something From The Food Court

These were what I picked up during my not so recent shopping spree. Some sort of vege rolls which looked really attractive.

Thursday 20 September 2018

Goodness Greens

One Friday evening, when my partner asked me what I wanted for dinner, I decide to give him chance (to eat rice and dishes) and I suggested Yik Kee@TTDI

Wednesday 19 September 2018

You Busy Do What?

If you are wondering what this madam has been up to lately, so busy until got no time to put up cooking post, well ironically I have been cooking non-stop for the past three weekends including the recent two public holidays. 

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Seminar Food

Every now and then, I have to attend seminars to fulfill the Continuing Education Program for my profession. These seminars are held at hotels either in KL or PJ. And when there is a seminar, there is a lot of food.

Monday 17 September 2018

To The Windmill Again

We came back because I wanted the Mixed Grill. That's lunch before we went up to the medical center to check on dad who was due for his procedure later in the afternoon.

Friday 14 September 2018

Pin Qian Klang Bak Kut Teh@The Starling

Ah! Bak Kut Teh (BKT). I love this but hardly have the chance to eat often. My favorite so far is the one at Sungai Way but I have not been there for a while.

Thursday 13 September 2018

Prawn Noodle King@Damansara Uptown

Finally. After two failed attempts to eat here (once when the place was packed and another time I went on a Monday which is their day off), I had the opportunity to visit. Best of all, I had my partner with me. He was also curious about Prawn Noodle King after I told him about this outlet when it first opened.

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Windmill@Subang Jaya

This is a restaurant that my brother and I visit only when we are doing our hospital rounds. The first time was in 2001 when dad was admitted and then in 2015 when we visited our uncle

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Dave's Deli@The Starling : Teething Blues

My brother and I had dropped my parents off at his house after dad had an unscheduled hospital visit due to some post-surgery issues. 

Monday 10 September 2018

To The Good Batch with The Good Brother

This late lunch happened on the day when our dad was discharged from hospital. This year, dad has been plagued with health problems.

Friday 7 September 2018

Mango and Tomato Salsa

Hah! I found a cooking post! Well, actually no cooking was involved hee..hee... 

Thursday 6 September 2018


After having my first taste of Champ's Chee Yok Fun, I had to have it again. Talk about addiction.

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Judy's@A Foodie's Nest : I Can't Believe I Like This Green Stuff (CLOSED)

I have always been curious about Lei Cha but did not have the courage to try it because I was afraid that I would dislike the taste. The thought of drinking a greenish herbal concoction freaked me out a little.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Mr Fish@The Starling

I haven't visited Mr Fish@The Starling for quite some time because I felt that standards have dropped compared to what I used to enjoy during my initial visits in 2017.

Monday 3 September 2018

My Fattening Weekend

Folks, for the next week or two, I won't have any cooking, let alone baking posts to share. Not that I haven't been cooking just that it isn't anything that I have not shared before.