Thursday 11 July 2024

Butter Cookies

Anybody like Kjeldsens Butter Cookies? Jaya Grocer is having a promotion on these cookies which I remember very well from my childhood days.

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Giving Myself A Treat

It's been a while since I ate the Really Big Breakfast at Red Kettle @ The Starling.

Tuesday 9 July 2024


Lately I realized that I have been eating lamb and beef which are both ruminant animals.

Monday 8 July 2024

Freshly Roasted Duck

The other day I was thinking of roast duck. It has been a while since I ate a duck. Am I right?

Saturday 6 July 2024

Meaty Saturday

Three Saturdays ago, I suggested to my brother, why not we go back to Uncle Botak?

Thursday 4 July 2024

My Skipping Rope Patah

Yesterday morning during my workout, I decided to revisit my (very dusty) skipping rope.

Wednesday 3 July 2024

Tuesday 2 July 2024

Back to Beef

I have been eating a lot of lamb trimmings. So I better take a break or else I will end up smelling like a goat.

Monday 1 July 2024

Friday Dinner

I had a container of cooked minced beef and bacon in the fridge which needed to be used up.

Saturday 29 June 2024


This pretty cat is Manja, one of the resident cats at the nursing home.