Saturday 11 May 2024

Awesome Pork Ribs @ The Charcoal Grill, Damansara Utama

When I caught wind that The Charcoal Grill recently opened in Damansara Utama, naturally I was excited. 

With my way of eating, I am always on the lookout for restaurants that serve meat. So of course I ventured out to The Charcoal Grill to check them out.

The space is small and may appear to be a bit cramped. Tables are placed to accommodate groups of four or more.

There was only one of me as usual and since it was early, I was seated at a big table. At the the time, two other tables were occupied.

Let's look at the menu.

It is I would say concise and compact. Let me show you a bigger photo.

A selection of appetizers, a burger (I am terrified of blue cheese by the way) and seafood. I am pretty sure the Cish & Fhips is not a typo error hah...hah....

Some Mexican flavors (I like! Wait till I visit with my brother) and pasta (oooohhhh.... bacon!)

And now for the mains.

There's a choice of chicken, pork (yes!!!) and a steak. The mains are served with two sides of your choice. And if you want to add on sides, you can at the prices listed.

I am not so keen on chicken, so it was either pork or beef. The Balinese Style Sticky Glazed Pork Ribs caught my eye and that was what I chose.

Initially I was of the impression that the sides were optional (I did not have my reading glasses with me hah..hah...) and I informed the server that I did not want sides (in keeping with my way of eating). He kindly informed me that sides are part of the meal and I could choose two from the 10 options. Ah so!

Well, the most suitable ones for me were the Caesar Salad and Grilled Vegetables. So I was Ketovore for the day.

I did not take a photo of the beverage menu and water is charged at RM1.00. If I am not wrong, they have coffee on the menu.

Ahhhh.... look at that! Let's talk veggies first.

I would say that this is a more than decent rendition of a Caesar Salad with generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Now, I usually stay far far away from Parmesan (it is too strong for me) but surprisingly I was able to appreciate this one.

The Grilled Vegetables were pretty good and could do with more charring.

And now for the piece de resistance.

The Balinese Style Sticky Glazed Pork Ribs were divine! Most divine and surpassed my expectations. It was deliciously marinated and grilled to perfection. The meat was moist and tender, falling off the bone. 

What I appreciated is that the rib was not drowned is sauce (though it might be nice to have a little extra on the side). This Balinese Style rib is reminiscent of the one I had at Naughty Nuri's.

When the server came to check on me, I told him that the ribs were very good but the only thing I was not happy with is that I was forced to eat vegetables. The poor chap didn't get my attempt at humor, so I quickly assured him that I was only joking.

See that? All sapu habis! I would definitely come back. The Charcoal Grill, Damansara Utama/Uptown currently scores a 5 from 18 reviews and I would agree with that rating.

It is safe to say that one would be happy with the chicken/pork offerings on the mains menu. But I have to be honest about something. The steak did not fare so well (for me). Yes, I went back for that but no, it would not discourage me from returning for the pork chops.

So if you love grilled meat and happen to be in the Damansara Utama/Uptown area, The Charcoal Grill is a worthwhile visit. 

There is no dessert on the menu, but there are plenty of dessert places around Damansara Utama/Uptown where you can adjourn to after your meal. In fact there are a few along the same row of shops.


  1. Ah, thank you for the review. Will definitely put this pork ribs on my list. Hahahaha about the Cish & Fhips. πŸ˜‚

    1. You can try their outlets at other branches too.

  2. Yeah, I read about this place from EDKL, I think. Looks like you have a new place for your carnivore eats with fairly down-to-earth prices. News have it that the guys who opened this place started out as a hawker stall. I've the same problem with parmesan...some are 'stinky' to me! >.< I think it's the quality as some freshly grated parmesan (not out of a bottle) do taste ok even for me.

    1. So did I, I didn't know until I read from EDKL LOL! Yes, I am happy they opened a cawangan here and I am happy to learn that they started out at a hawker place and graduated to a full fledged restaurant. That shows how good they are.

  3. this pork rib definitely look tempting! I would sapu habis too!

  4. I'm eyeing on the bacon pasta too, it's been ages since I last had a creamy pasta (eg: carbonara). Your pork ribs certainly looked good and the Caesar Salad looked equally tempting.