Tuesday 14 May 2024

Killing A Craving

What do you do when a craving hits? Do you suppress and just suck it up? Or do you give in?

I find that indulging my cravings helps to kill it. And so that was what I did when I was hankering for Halla Holla's Mushroom and Egg Sonata.

They have this promotion where the sandwich comes with a drink of choice. It was black coffee for me that day.

As for the egg sandwich, I removed the top piece of toast and set it aside for munching later. I was trying to reduce the glucose spike.

I ate the lettuce first.

Then the bottom half of the sandwich. After I was done with both pieces, it was time to enjoy the crunchy toast (kosong) with the black coffee. That killed my sandwich craving and I was happy.

And I am not calling this a naughty meal since it had a good balance of carbs and protein, unlike a plate of char koay teow, fried rice or noodles.

Another good thing is that I was not craving or tempted by the wonderful pastries at the cafe (which I did indulge in some months earlier and to be posted in due course).

***Kitten Updates***

Sunday morning Ah Mah woke up later than usual.

Poodie wanted to follow Ah Mah into the house.

Please Ah Mah????

Before Ah Mah and Ah Kong set out to Aeon, these three kena lokap.

They were not happy. Obviously.

There was a lot of whining and complaining.

They created quite a din.

Then they tried to look gwai gwai and innocent.

See, extra kawaii these two.

Then TuTu lebih-lebih and started to bite the carrier.

Then they went back to looking cute (muka kesian). Even Ah Boi joined in. Haiz! Suffice to say after our shopping was done, all three were let out to continue with their mischief.


  1. I give in! Eating the toasts last is the way online websites recommend to reduce sugar spike! Thank you thank you for the updates about the 3 grandkids. They sure look so innocent in some photos. 😻

  2. these 3 kittens are mischievous but smart. They know how to apply strategy to be let out of the cage...lol, acting 'cute' and buat muka kesian!

    1. hah..hah... but cannot give in to their cuteness!

  3. I took croissant with eggs and avacado this morning... can last me through lunch..
    Yes, your cucu-s indeed are mischievous, melting your heart with their pitiful looks!

    1. The cafe also serves croissant sandwich. Must try one day. Oooppss! LOL!

  4. Yeah, I also read about this food sequencing thing....veggies first, followed by protein and carbs last. Not sure if such a thing really works though (perhaps we should do some testing...lol). So, there's no such thing about not having a craving for carbs then while on a carnivore or any diet...hehe! ;) It's just whether we can resist the temptation when the craving hits.

    You're lucky that your neighbourhood is a safe haven for cats roaming around freely. My neighbourhood (gated community) chat group just reported a missing cat yesterday. Incidentally, his (reported) name is Bai Bai (a very cute beige/white cat). Looks like it's Bye Bye to his cat since cats always know their way home. There seem to be cat-nappers in my housing area (remember my super adorable stray female cat that got cat-napped as well). :'( These people have no heart.

    1. My cats are capalang cats, so nobody wants to kidnap. LOL! Well, I guess I am still in love with carbs and will eat from time to time.

    2. I know of cat rescuers who will rescue any roaming cats that are not neutered or spayed and neutered and spay them before either releasing them to the original area or find new homes for them. So the cat nappers may just be cat rescuers. They believe any free roaming cats mean no owners.

  5. I'll indulge my craving too, because the feeling when the craving hits is so unbearable for me. >_<