Tuesday 21 May 2024

Of Roti Bom and Apes

Last Saturday a cousin of mine and her husband plus her father (who is my dad's eldest brother) visited dad at the home.

My dad's brother (whom I address as Tua Pek) is 91 years old and is fit and healthy. He walks unaided and is steady on his feet. He is also mentally bright and lively.

Wow! I am always amazed to see seniors of that age group who not only possess lifespan but also healthspan. Bravo Tua Pek!

After the visit, as usual we headed to Kar Hiong

We ordered two new dishes - Dry Curry Pork Slices and Soya Sauce Steamed Fish

In a way, we also ordered a third new dish - Salted Egg Abalone Mushroom because the server who took our order made a mistake. I'm afraid I did not enjoy this version of abalone mushroom. The Garlic Stir Fried Spinach was good.

After lunch we sent mum back to the house and my brother and I set out to The Starling for a movie date.

We were still early and we wanted coffee. So we headed to Red Kettle but the place being very popular, we had to queue for a table. Not wanting to waste time, I suggested we try the newly opened HWC Coffee.

We got ourselves a caffe latte each and was pleasantly surprised when we were given Roti Bom as free gifts (oh no! carbs! hee..hee..).

No, we didn't get any of the cakes or pastries.

We went up to GSC and had our coffee and roti bom outside the hall.

The coffee was all right, not as good as the one we were hoping to drink at Red Kettle. The roti bom was pretty much a mini roti canai and it was quite nice.

I wanted to take a photo of the movie poster but strangely there were no posters of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

After we were done with our coffee we went inside the hall to enjoy the movie.

It was a good movie and I was glad that I could watch the movie with my brother.

***Kitten Updates***

Poodie and TuTu messing around.

This is Poodie and Ah Boi doing their Godzilla vs Kong impression.

I wonder what is Ah Boi saying to Poodie.

TuTu as usual is her pretty adorable self.


  1. Hubby & Sam went for a movie date watched Kingdom of The Plate of The Apes. ~>_<~

    1. You didn't follow? I take it it is not your type of movie hah..hah...

  2. What is Tutu wondering about in the last pic? Lol.

    Is she wondering, does money bring peace and happiness? Or money does not bring peace and happiness? Bcos of money and greed and big country wants to invade smaller country to expand their territory, there is war. Many people are homeless and have no food to eat. Bombs everywhere. There is no peace and happiness. So whether money will bring peace and happiness is really debatable.

    Nowadays too much media wanting to get a share of our attention. Good that you spent quality time bonding with your family.

    I just went to sing K with my group of friends (male and female friends) last Sunday. Happy that weather was good when we were there.

    So do count our blessings that at least we have a shelter and food on our table :)

    1. Very deep thoughts. Libby! I agree with you and I now practice gratitude. Don't compare with other people and just appreciate the positives in my own life. It is good that you have a group pf friends to relax with. Yes, counting our blessings is very important!

  3. Wah 👏👏👏👏 for your uncle. Does he live with your cousin?

  4. Never mind, it's only a tiny roti boom. Surprised to see that it's not greasy. P/S: That is one ferocious looking fish! :D

    1. LOL! My late grandma once saw the teeth of the fish served and from then on she refused to eat that sort of fish!