Monday 13 May 2024

Seminar Food

Last week I attended a seminar. It was my first physical seminar in a long long time.

Since the pandemic, web based seminars (webinars) were the norm and I am now so used to attending seminars without having to leave my office. So it was with a lot of reluctance that I went down to KL to attend the seminar.

It was held at Wyndham Grand Bangsar, KL

There was nothing I could eat during morning tea break.



And more carbs.

And then there were these saucy chicken wings. Not very suitable as finger food as it is very messy. So I did not have any.

I headed straight to the coffee machine.

For a cafe latte which very sorry to say, was not nice.

It was a half day seminar and lunch was served at Link. I wished I could take photos of the buffet. The food was just so so.

This was my plate - fish, lamb stew and chicken. Boh ho chiak. So I did not go for second round.

Back home I had a very delicious steak and eggs. I usually don't do this type of cooking on work days but since lunch was dismal, I made the effort to have a nice dinner.

There is nothing like home cooked food, yes?

Like this Steak, Bacon and Eggs that I had on Sunday.

***Kitten Updates***

My kittens are now very rebellious.

Especially these two, TuTu and Poodie. When it came time to observe curfew, the two naughty girls rushed next door to hide under my neighbor's car.

No amount of cajoling could make them come home. But Ah Mah has a weapon.

Cat treats. This is what I use to establish a positive association towards the cage for Kittie Kat. Every evening mama cat will be eager to go inside the cage to await her treat.

Of course I can't bribe the kittens as well because this thing is expensive. Cats love these treats, they go bonkers when you give them this creamy treat.


Poodie took the bait. After a few licks, she jumped over the wall where Ah Mah promptly grabbed her and tossed her into the carrier.

TuTu was smarter (or more bad ass). She refused to be tricked. But after a while, she came home and was duly captured hah..hah..hah...

So here is naughty TuTu inside the cage with her mama. But this mama after taking her treat, she wants to be let out. Of course that wasn't going to happen under Ma's watch.

This is Girl sympathizing with Poodie and Ah Boi. Well, this arrangement isn't forever. Once the kitties and older, I won't restrain them anymore.


  1. I bet your cooking is better than what they served at the seminar. Really a disappointment, right?? It is sure good to be back to physical seminar than attending in front of the pc.

    1. hah..hah.. thanks :) The only thing I look forward to at physical seminar is the buffet hee..hee...

  2. No loss if you couldn't capture photos of the buffet since the seminar food wasn't any good...don't waste time...hah..hah. Your steak certainly looks better than your plate of food at the seminar. P/S: Ah, I remember those treats, I've used them to bribe Cookie before too! ;D

    1. Those treats are so pricey but they are very powerful tools. LOL!

  3. Your Steak, Bacon and Eggs look so delicious πŸ˜‹πŸ€€ you are a quality eater, so those seminar food is not up to your standard. Thanks for the photos of your fur kids. πŸ’•πŸ˜»

  4. syioknyer got makan makan at hotel. I always look forward to seminars with makan makan. But usually the food are just so-so, and can't eat much coz will feel sleepy afterwards, lol!

    1. This one the food betul2 not up to mark. LOL!