Wednesday 8 May 2024

Naughty #10 : Mee Jawa To Die For

I found myself at Restoran Wan Shoon @ Damansara Kim again. Simply because I wanted to eat the Mee Jawa.
I read/heard that it is VERY good. Quite honestly, I have forgotten how Mee Jawa tastes like because I have not eaten it for years.

I used to eat Mee Jawa quite often (back in the early 90's) at a stall at Restoran Hong Mei in Damansara Jaya. That stall is no longer there.

So when I got to Restoran Wan Shoon I walked straight to the Mee Jawa stall to order a bowl. Then I went to get a table. At that hour (11:00am+) it was not so crowded.

This was the number given to me by the Mee Jawa vendor. Then I ordered my Kopi C Ais Kosong (RM3.50).

Oooh! This Kopi C was wonderful! Somehow I can never get this taste at home.

And then .....

I have to give credit to the vendor for this very dramatic plating.

Those crackers were fresh, crispy and totally addictive. I loved it! 

Upon tasting the Mee Jawa (RM8.50) I was like WOW! The fragrance and tanginess of the calamansi lime juice (they squeeze it ready for you) complimented the Mee Jawa gravy to create a taste that will instantly open up your appetite. That with the crushed peanuts, I was hooked.

There were sliced hard boiled egg, firm tofu, tiny prawns and julliened lettuce and blanched bean sprouts in the gravy. This Mee Jawa was so so so GOOD!

How good?

This good.

There will be another round for sure wahahahaha!!!

***Kitten Updates***

Poodie pattotie relaxing on her cat bed.

Then kena kacau by TuTu.

Then Ah Boi pulak kena kacau by Poodie.

TuTu posing as usual.


  1. Wah, I definitely want to eat this mee jawa. The price is so good too. Near my area, all noodles are about rm9 and above. I haven't eaten mee jawa with crushed peanuts before.

    Ah, so good to see the 3 kiddies kacau each other and enjoying themselves. ๐Ÿ˜ปTheir day beds look so comfy! Thank you grandma!

    All the best to Kittie Kat snip snip. I remember you saying it is around this week or is it next week? ๐Ÿ™ All is well ๐Ÿ™

    1. I decided to do the deed nest week since this week is too tight for me.

  2. From your description, I knew that this mee jawa swept you off the floor!! Haha. Must be really good. I would like to try too. Your kittens are cute.

    1. This mee jawa will sweep you off your feet too! LOL!

  3. I never like Mee Jawa and the Mee Jawa here makes me visited Wan Shoon twice for it!

  4. Ah, this is the mee jawa that choi yen liked too (and blogged about). It certainly looks good. It's not easy to find mee jawa here in KL. I think I've had it only 3 - 4 times (and only found one that's at least decent). Would certainly like to try this one in the future though I'm not that big a fan of mee jawa. ^_~

    1. It is worth a try since Choi Yen went back for more. LOL!