Monday 20 May 2024

Secret Ingredient

I went back to Ding Xiang Sang Nyuk Noodles again because I don't have many options when eating out.

This time the staff came over with the physical menu although I indicated that I wanted to use the online ordering system (where I can tick tick what I don't want).

I forgot to specify I did not want meatballs but managed to tell the server when he served my drink. This soup is very satisfying.

This was my dinner, pork shoulder steak. 

It was simply seasoned with Cajun seasoning and then air fried.

I ate this with kimchi.

My mum said that this batch of homemade kimchi is the best one yet. I think it is because I used this secret ingredient.

I can assure you this ingredient is super stinky. And that makes delicious kimchi!

So this is my typical weekday dinner.

Air fried pork loin, kimchi and a mug of hot broth.

***Kitten Updates***

TuTu looking pensive.

Everyone thinks she is super cute. The pretty sister so to speak.

Poodie, are you jealous? hee...hee...


  1. Good morning 🌞!
    Yummy, I would love to eat the kimchi you made. Looks so yummy! 😋🤤
    Ah, good 👍 your mom likes to eat kimchi too.
    Poodie is not jelly of tutu cos she is Grandma's favourite and not tutu. 😻

    1. hah..hah... TuTu may not be the favorite but grandma adores he just as much. Ah Boi too! They really brighten up my life.

  2. You really treat your soup like a drink by drinking it out of a mug. I think that would be too weird for

    1. LOL! Since it was such a small amount, I put the soup in the mug.

  3. I like the sliced kidney in the soup.. very nicely cut... I like to eat those too, without the stinky smell, they are very biteable!

    1. Oh ya, sometimes when the shop don't clean it properly, it smells of urine! >.<

  4. Is the distinctive aroma and flavour of the shrimp paste infused into the kimchi?

    1. Oh yes! It makes the kimchi more pungent and delicious. The local brand of kimchi, ILMI Kimchi uses cincalok. So I figured this shrimp paste would work just as well.