Saturday 25 May 2024

Thai Spice Pork Chops

On Friday I found myself at The Charcoal Grill, Damansara Utama (again).

I did say that I would be back for the pork chops. So I sat myself down slightly past 12:00pm and immediately ordered the Thai Spice Pork Chops.

As for the sides, I was limited to the Grilled Vegetables and Balsamic Tuna Salad. Not that I was fond of the tuna salad but I rather have that one than eat parmesan cheese.

This time I took a chance and had the Latte. Usually I have reservations about ordering coffee and non-cafe places because the coffee is usually dissapointing.

But what do you know? This Latte was more than decent and I was delighted. Yes, I can enjoy coffee here with my order of oinks! 

I was served two thin but juicy slices of pork chops. I loved the marinade and the meat was very well marinated. You can see little bits of red chilli flakes but no worries, the heat level is mild.

There is nice charring on the pork and you will taste the smoky flavor.

The pork chops were cooked just right (slightly pink) and was tender and juicy. Yes, I loved it!

The Balsamic Tuna Salad was nice enough to please salad lovers.

While the Grilled Vegetables were well charred and smoky. Perhaps I should get a double order of the grilled veggies in future instead of salad.

I am glad that I can add The Charcoal Grill to my list of carnivore friendly (well almost) places to eat out. I would certainly be back, maybe try the chicken chop and they might make me love chicken again.

***Kitten Updates***

Yesterday evening, I kept Tutu and Poodie in the cage before my partner got home (so that he can drive in with confidence and not worry about the kitties' safety).  

Look at TuTu. She fell asleep on her back and I thought she looked funny.

Meanwhile Ah Boi was in the carrier and all three were released once my partner parked the car.

Kittie Kat is enjoying here freedom and her fur is growing back.


  1. Ah, this pork chop looks lean so I believe I would like it as well. Noting this down in my to-eat list. Thanks for the review.

    1. There is a fat cap which I suspect you will cut off and not eat LOL!

    2. Yes you are right. I will cut it off and not eat it. 😂

  2. Ah, thank you grandma for putting the safety of the 3 babies 1st. tutu is used to being in there now so she can easily fall asleep in a relaxed manner. 😻

    1. I thought she looked so cute in that position :D

  3. Ooo, I can still see a good layer of fat on top the pork collar, so it's still a little too fatty for me. But without the fat, the pork would probably be too dry (that's why you don't see me eating a lot of pork chops). Since the food here is good, I'm sure they can do a proper marinade for the chicken chops (which we can't replicate at home), so that could change your mind about eating chicken...hehe. Yeah, some western places do make decent drinkable coffees but don't expect the type of latte art that comes from coffee specialists lah. P/S: Cats like to squeeze into the tightest places! :D

    1. Ah yes, you won't appreciate the fat hee..hee.. Well, I didn't have any expectations on the latte art, as long as the coffee taste good, the art can look like conteng-conteng for all I care hah...hah...

  4. The pork chop indeed very well prepared (from its appearance) and I'm sure I would enjoy as much as you too.