Thursday 30 May 2024

Naughty #13 : A Sweet and Savory Treat

Well, well, another naughty treat! Or treats! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

It was time for lunch and instead of sweating it out walking back to Damansara Utama, I decided to chill out at Halla Holla, Damansara Jaya instead.

I opted for their foc water instead of coffee. I already have a tumbler of iced black coffee waiting for me at the office (brought from home). 

So that was my naughty lunch.

A Cinnamon Bun.

And the Mushroom Rendang Danish, specially curated for the Ramadan and Hari Raya festivities.

No need for cutleries. I like it gaya bebas (freestyle).

I ate the Mushroom Rendang Danish first. The danish is topped with mashed curried potatoes and then layered with mushroom rendang with mashed curried potatoes piped on top.

The flavors in this Mushroom Rendang Danish hits the spot. The mushroom rendang is legit and so is the mashed curried potatoes. The flavors complemented each other so well with the danish adding a crunchy based texture, this is a winner.

That is a beauty isn't it? The Cinnamon Bun with all those toppings. But the toppings (nuts, oats and raisins) are not stuck on the bun and will drop off (everywhere). So I ate those first.

Nice. Soft and fluffy and cinnamony. Yes, this Cinnamon Bun I very like. 

Here is Halla Holla's menu if anyone is interested.


  1. Wow! Looks tasty 😋🤤 I can eat these pastries everyday but then I will weigh a ton after one month. 😂

  2. I used to eat the Cinnamon Roll when Mac was having it last time. I still remember it was yummilicious and I was addicted to it.

  3. I thought that was some piped mango puree until you mentioned that it was curried potato! O_o I don't think I've eaten a savoury danish before as I always think of danish as a pastry/dessert.

    1. It was my first time eating a savory danish!

  4. The open sandwich prices are a bit expensive and I don't think I can full by just having that. >_<

    1. The sourdough sandwich is very filling.