Saturday 4 May 2024

Uncle Botak BBQ, Kelana Jaya

Today we found ourselves at Uncle Botak BBQ, Kelana Jaya

Every Wednesdays and Saturdays on our way back from the nursing home, we pass by Kelana Jaya and I noticed this eatery at a row of small shophouses.

So I sounded out to my brother and we decided to visit.

We were the first customers for the day since we arrived early. Parking was a breeze and this is a plus point.

The place is small and cosy.

We sat down and eagerly browsed the menu.

My brother took charge of the ordering and he got us a sharing platter for 4 persons (though we were only 3 hee..hee..) with a side of salad and smoked duck.

For drinks, we were glad that they serve coffee. Though not of the cafe variety.

After the drinks were served, our first dish was the very colorful salad.

Lettuce, shredded cabbage (at the bottom), tomatoes and a sprinkling of black sesame seeds with (generous) dusting of dried oregano at the side of the plate.

The dressing was served on the side and my brother tossed the salad. It was very nice and got the  thumbs up from mum.

Next up was the smoked duck platter served with the same type of salad, potato wedges and sauce.

The smoked duck was very juicy and delicious. Highly recommended. 

The last item to come to the table was this BBQ platter.

From left to right - potato wedges, beef, meatballs, lamb and chicken. You will know which sauce to go with which item as they are arranged to correspond to the intended items.

I ate only one roasted potato wedge. So well behaved!

The beef was done medium rare and I was delighted that the beef balls were moist and tasty. I loved the dip too.

We also enjoyed the lamb though we found the chicken too dry.

This was my plate and of course I didn't stop there. I had many helpings of meat. This is my type of lunch!

Oh! Oh! I caved in to the prospect of dessert. Aiyah! Eat lah!

This was my brother's Brownie Waffle with Ice Cream and crushed cookies (drizzled with Coffee Gula Melaka sauce).

Mum copied my order of Warm Banana Cake with Ice Cream and crushed cookies (drizzled with chocolate sauce). This dessert was decent enough to satisfy a chocolate craving.

Overall it was a positive experience and although it may not meet with the expectations of hardcore BBQ enthusiasts, the prices here are reasonable and portion sizes are fair. Service was very warm and friendly. 

We will be back the food is decent and parking is easy. Mum even said that she would give us a treat here on her birthday. Well, that is something to look forward to!

***Kitten Updates***

My Poodie Patootie

Ah Boi fell asleep.

Not happy. Ah Mah let us out!


  1. yay, mummy's treat is something to look forward to! when is auntie's birthday? My mum's b'day is on this month too. That ProDiet box reminds me of the can of tuna (ProDiet brand) that i bought to feed the office 'strays'...coz i was feeling 'generous' after bonus out...hahaha! well, this was a year ago....

    1. That will be in August :) Well, advance birthday wishes to your mum! ProDiet is probably the most affordable brand.

  2. Food looks good especially the duck. Good that your mom likes the food and place to want to return for more. Your grandkids are so adorable 🥰 thanks for the photos!

    1. The smoked duck was very juicy. We'll order that again. Glad you enjoy photos of my grandkids. LOL!

  3. Definitely cannot resist the smoked duck! Glad that all are happy with the food though the chicken is a bit disappointing. I love cats too but can only fondle and feed the strays in my neighbourhood. Hee hee. My mother's birthday coming on 15 May, must rmb to wish her happy birthday, was so busy with WFH still.

    1. Hi Libby! Long time no see. Hope all is well with you! It is a lot of work keeping pets so if you are very busy, better to just hello hello with strays. Wishing your mum an advance birthday greeting!

  4. Since the sauces are arranged to correspond to the items, where's the sauce for the chicken? Maybe that's why you found it dry. That much dried oregano around the the salad scares me as dried spices are known to be very strong tasting. That sure is a lot of meat for 3 persons. Ah, 3 desserts....that's more like

    1. Now that you mentioned it, we were told to eat the chicken first because it is dry. LOL! I guess we could ues any sauce for the chicken and we would likely avoid chicken in the next visit. Oh ya, I agree with you on the dried oregano. I found it a bit strong and less is better. Oh ya, dessert! It was just all right, not mind blowing but hey. I would have regretted not ordering. LOL!

  5. I was surprised that the roasted chicken didn't come with dipping sauce! Birthday girl give a treat, that's very "unconventional". :P