Thursday 8 February 2024

Priming Day #3 : My Dream Come True

It was yet another Saturday and another outing to the nursing home to visit dad.

In the morning before I left the house, I had a breakfast of baked eggs.

I simply coated a small bowl generously with butter and broke 5 eggs into the bowl. Then I roughly beat the eggs.

I baked the eggs in the air fryer for 8 minutes at 160C. The top was set while the bottom was just like soft boiled eggs.

So that was my breakfast.

At the nursing home, dad was in a good mood. He was very upbeat when he told us that the day before, his ex-colleagues visited him. They had a lot to talk about, catching up after all these years. Their surprise visit cheered dad up. God bless them!

All too soon it was time to leave. We headed out to Kar Hiong and wah ... all the parking spaces near the restaurant were taken up. So my brother dropped me and mum off right in front of the restaurant and drove off to find a place to park.

So I did the ordering while waiting for my brother to join us.

Ginger paste steamed fish.

You-know-what (Honey Pepper Mushroom heh..heh..)

Pork Chop.

French Beans with Choi Poh. As usual, no rice for me.

All these dishes are repeat orders as I was not certain what new dishes to try, maybe next time. Mum insisted on giving us a treat. Thank you Mummy for all the yummy!

Dinner was at Triple Happiness, The Starling food court. Guess what?

Now they have an ala carte menu where I can order just the meat. That's more like it! The previous time I was there, I was told they do not sell the meat separately.

So I got the siew yoke and steamed chicken thigh.

The siew yoke was passable, a bit too salty but decent enough if you are not fussy.

The chicken was so so, the meat was too soft.

The chili dip did not taste like the usual chicken rice chili dip but the ginger paste was quite nice.

The soup tasted just like plain water. A total write off.

So my dream come true (ala carte menu) wasn't quite the dream that I had in terms of the quality and taste of the meat.


  1. Wah, you all informed your father's ex colleagues of his whereabouts? So thoughtful of them to visit him. Your baked eggs look tasty for those who are ok to eat not fully cooked eggs.

    I just realized that kar hiong is in subang jaya so means totally no hope for me to go there and eat la. Maybe after cny, I will just order food delivery for the mushrooms if I can find a food delivery that delivers longer distance.

    Happy CNY to u n your family in advance!

    1. They were in a church group and got the news from the grapevine.

      Oh so sad you can't go to Kar Hiong. Thank you for your wishes.

  2. I like that French Beans with Choi Poh.

    1. It's good. That's why I ordered again :)