Sunday 11 February 2024

Chinese New Year Day

The first day of Chinese New Year coincided with our visiting day to the nursing home.

Since it was Chinese New Year, we were not able to buy dad's favorite chicken rice. So the alternative would be my mee goreng hah..hah...

I also fried two eggs for dad.

Then I cooked air fryer eggs for my breakfast.

My brother came to pick me up and off we went to visit dad.

Dad was cheerful and very talkative as usual.

My brother enjoyed carrying BoyBoy around. Since the kitty does not have a name, I call him BoyBoy.

After the visit we went for lunch at Krishna Curry House. It was mum's request. She wanted to eat biryani. Oh..oh... carbs LOL!

My brother ordered the claypot mutton and requested for three bones. With benefit of hindsight, it was not necessary since there was not much meat on the bones and very little marrow.

This is the claypot mutton with one piece of potato.

We each had a chicken biryani. Yes, I ate carbs. No issues, I go back to my meat eating ways the next day.

The biryani comes with onion raita.

We were give a banana leaf each to eat our meal. There were the usual banana leaf vegetables (three veggies - cucumber raita, spinach and curried gourd). The chicken was very tender and moist. And the biryani rice was so aromatic and so delicious.

I couldn't finish the rice. I was stuffed!

Even though the mutton curry was da bomb, I could not get more food down.

My brother was the champion.

My mum did a lot better than me hah..hah...

That was a fabulous Chinese New Year meal. Many thanks to mummy for the treat!


  1. ♥️♥️ Wow!! Mummy's yummy treat is always delicious and stays forever. I remember all the many meals my mummy treated us making them lasting memories forever. You even have photos and records. Kudos!
    I have never eaten mutton bones and you got me interested to try after seeing my friends chewing and slurping the long bones like cigars.

    1. You have fond memories of your mummy's treats! Those are the best. One day I must go and eat sup gearbox. That would be more meaty and can use straw to suck out the marrow. My brother did that with the curried mutton bones but there was hardly any marrow.

  2. Happy CNY to you and your family again! Your father must be very happy to see all of you every Saturday! No issues at all with occasional rice because u know u can get back to meat eating immediately! If the mutton is very tender then I would like to try it because nowadays most meat are too tough for my weak teeth.

    1. Thanks for the multiple wishes :D The mutton was cooked until tender and you should have no problems enjoying it.

  3. Wishing you and your family (your 4-legged friends too) a Happy & Healthy CNY! ;) Not a fan of biryani or mutton...prefer your mee goreng.

    1. Wishing you and family Happy CNY too! Hmm... that's where our tastebuds differ.

  4. syioknyer makan biryani, got mummy belanja lagi syiok!