Thursday 29 February 2024

Priming Days #15, 16 and 17 : 2MADS

On day #15 onwards, it will be 2MAD (2 meals a day) for 7 days. 

I forgot to take photos of my breakfast (minced beef omelette) and dinner (kimchi jigae). What you see up there is an archive photo of the minced beef omelette.

On day #16 I did not eat breakfast, opting instead for lunch and dinner.

Kittie Kat is almost as big as her cher-cher Girl. These photos were taken before Kittie Kat popped kittens.

They are good friends and will sometimes have a gusti (wrestling) session.

It is often initiated by Kittie Kat, being the young and playful one.

Girl tolerates her antics quite well, although there are times when she gets irritated with the young one.

Belle Belle has lost her spot on the shoe rack.

Meanwhile, Belle Belle was still hostile towards Kittie Kat. But now that Kittie Kat (after becoming a mommy) is aggressive and protective of her kittens, Belle Belle is very fearful of her.

Lunch was air fried chicken chops.

Dinner was kimchi jigae with pork belly and I added two eggs. 

Day #17 was a Saturday and lunch was at Kar Hiong.

Dinner was pork shoulder chops and a bowl of kimchi jigae.

***Kitten updates***

One of my readers was very concerned for kittens' safety. But never fear, I have already put in place a bigger box with sides to prevent the kitties from accidentally falling off the shoe rack.

They have grown to twice their size (this photo is exactly a week after they were born) and are more active.

Their ear flaps have also opened and they look more attractive. I guess pretty soon they will be walking  and running around.


  1. Wah, good πŸ‘ to see you staying on course as a carnivore throughout CNY and not be tempted by all the CNY goodies and snacks. I dream of eating your kimchi jigae yum yummy πŸ˜‹πŸ€€

    1. Yes, come to think of it, I didn't eat any snacks except for the cakes/desserts on Chap Goh Meh lunch.

  2. Ah, those 3 babies, so adorable, hugging each other. Thank you grandma for the bigger box 😻😻😻

    1. The black one likes to move about between its two siblings.

  3. A bit "geli" when looking at those fur-less kittens. :P