Monday 12 February 2024

Priming Day #5 : Fatty Char Siew

My morning started out with baked eggs cooked in the air fryer.

It was overcooked.

And became like fried eggs. I seasoned the eggs with some soy sauce and pepper.

Now on to lunch.

I really should avoid char siew because it has sugar in the basting sauce.

Aiyah. Never mind lah.

I enjoyed this double combo of roast duck and char siew. The char siew was nicely charred and they served me the fatty parts. Aiyo! So good! Except that there were bits that were a bit hard.

The iced Kopi C helped to cool me down. I was sweating buckets after walking back from Damansara Jaya in the terribly hot sun.

You all must be wondering. This PH suddenly got so much money again to eat like this again. Actually no. I am still on a (tight) budget. I cut down on other expenses.

Now at night my whole house is dark (except for toilet light). I used to switch on many lights. I no longer spend freely on things that I fancy like exotic seasonings and such. No more impulsive buying for sure.

I also cut down on supplements which I deem unnecessary. That way, I can channel (whatever little) money to food.

Even my cats have to go through this austerity drive. Now they only get one wet meal a day and they eat kibble in the evening. They also no longer get those fancy cat treats that I used to indulge them.   

Dinner was beef trimmings that I Grabmart from TTDI market.

I also had leftover broth which I steamed with eggs.

There were two eggs in there.

And some kimchi.

So that was day #5.


  1. Yes, there's a lot of sugar in char siew, otherwise won't get that caramelisation. I've cut out char siew from my diet too.

    1. Good for you then! Now I go for siew yoke instead.

  2. Ok la, u r doing all these for a good cause, to let your father get the best care that you all can provide for him. 👍 💪😊

  3. still can have carnivore meal despite the 'budget cut', all worth it, kan?

    1. I do what I can and it seems to be working LOL!

  4. kelihatan semuanya sedap sis..

  5. Buy solar lights to light up your car porch & backyard. I do that too. Zero electricity bill :)

    1. Let me look into your suggestion. Thanks!

  6. Your air fried egg more like steamed egg, a rather firm version, hehe ^__^