Friday 23 February 2024

Priming Day #10 : First Day of Chinese New Year

After yesterday's berita terkini (breaking news) we now jump back to normal programming hah..hah...

First update on Kittie Kat. Mum and kids are doing well. This morning Kitte Kat attacked Belle Belle as soon as she saw Belle Belle coming in for makan. Whoa! I have never seen Kittie Kat so fierce!

I guess she sees Belle Belle as a hostile party (who bullies her all the time) and a threat to her kittens and hence the fierceness. She did not behave like that towards Girl. She also did not exhibit any aggressiveness towards my partner and I even when we got close to her babies.

Well, back to priming. It was Chinese New Year day and I woke up a bit later than usual.

First order of the day was laundry which I was supposed to do the day before. Then cook mee goreng for dad.

After a quick bath, I made air fryer eggs for my breakfast.

I might have used too much butter. I added some light soy sauce and pepper.

It turned out really well, don't you think? The eggs (at room temperature) were air fried at 200C for 6 minutes.

Lunch I happily deviated by eating biryani rice to celebrate with my mum and brother. 

For dinner, I ate one air fried chicken chop. See, there is no issue eating carbs. For my next meal, I jumped back to carnivore.

This chicken chop is the Aquina Pineapple Chicken that I love. One I used for the mee goreng and the remaining chicken chop I seasoned with oyster sauce and light soy sauce.

This was my dinner. It was a bit burned around the edges and was crispy and tasty.
Now an update of my (2nd attempt) kimchi.

This was on the day the kimchi was made (Chinese New Year eve). I made sure to press the vegetables down to push out (most of) the air.

By the time I came home from lunch, the kimchi had risen to almost the top of the bottle. 

A bit later in the afternoon (approximately 24 hours of fermentation) I opened the bottle cap and used a clean spoon to press the kimchi down to remove the gasses. Then all four bottles were transferred to the fridge.

I had a taste of the spoon and yes, the flavors were good. In a week's time the kimchi should be ready for consumption.


  1. I am drooling 中中中中 at your description of your kimchi. Wah wah wah, must be so appetising, hhhmmmmm mmmmmm yummy yummy yummy kimchi 中中

    1. I am getting much better at making kimchi hee..hee...

  2. Kittie Kat is a good mama, to protect her babies 泅he knows who to trust. 弘