Sunday 25 February 2024

Priming Day #12 : Chicken Wings

It was a Monday (still a public holiday) and I started the day with, as usual, eggs.

After I filled my stomach, I went to the garden to do some weeding and tidying up.

Girl and Kittie Kat (with benefit of hindsight she was already pregnant at the time and looking very innocent) were hanging out together. 

Meanwhile, Belle Belle was in her box enjoying a snooze.

I am glad I set up this box for her and lined it with her favorite cat bed. Well, as we all know, this real estate was taken over by Kittie Kat when she birthed her kittens. Poor Belle Belle.

After I was done in the garden, I went back inside and made myself a mug of Kopi C. Girl followed me inside.

She was whining because she expected me to share whatever I was having with her. Where got cat drink Kopi C, Girl?

Lunch was roasted chicken wings.

I marinated the wings with garlic powder, smoked paprika and freshly cracked black pepper. It turned out delicious. These wings were enough for lunch and dinner.

There you go, my grandchildren hah..hah..hah...

It's still too early to tell their gender. At the start of life, they all look like females.


  1. Your 3 grandchildren are so adorable, sleeping soundly. Kittie Kat gives you the honour to name them 💕

    1. hah..hah... now I have to thinks of names!

  2. I made air fryer chicken wings the first time the other day and it turned out really good. I usually cut my wings into 3 sections (and discard the wing tip, to be used for boiling soups later). They're easier to eat that way and they spread out well to get crisp.

    By the way, laying a cat bed for Kittie Kat, won't her kittens pee & poop on it? Urgghhh! Now that you have 3 grandkids, I have 3 suggestions for their names....Choco, Nutella & Tiramisu (a homage to your love of cakes + since they're all blackish/brownish)...lolol! :D :D

    1. So far I don't see any kitten poop on the cat bed or smell urine. I read that mommy cats have to stimulate their kittens to pee and poo and in the process, they ingest their kittens' waste. Sounds gross but true! Though the cat bed does have a musky smell. I will change the box and cat bed later when the kitties are bigger.

      LOL on the suggested names!

  3. That portion of roasted chicken wings, for me, they are too much for one meal but not sufficient for 2 meals, how lah, haha!