Saturday 24 February 2024

Priming Day #11 : Steak!

Day #11 was the second day of Chinese New Year (Sunday).

I made breakfast for myself while my partner ate the balance of the mee goreng that I cooked on Saturday.

I made air fryer eggs again since it is so easy and quick.

After I ate the eggs, we went to Aeon for our usual grocery run. We did not buy much since we still have supplies that we stocked up before Chinese New Year.

When I got home, the corner of my right eye started to itch. So I sort of tried to scratch the area to relieve the itch.

Next thing I knew my vision blurred. My first thought was that my contact lens was displaced ie it traveled to the upper corner of my eye (it happened before). I tried blinking my eye but to no avail.

I went upstairs to rinse my eye using saline solution. But I could not get the lens to come back to the right position. Then it occurred to me that the lens might have popped out from my eye. So I went downstairs to investigate.

Sure enough, I found the naughty lens on the kitchen sink. I quickly took it upstairs and rinsed the lens thoroughly with disinfectant solution. Haiz! What an experience.

It was time for lunch and I cooked me a nice sirloin steak.

It was a thin piece of steak and I cooked it in my non-stick pan. One minute per side, flipping three times, ie in total 2 minutes per side.

I also made a Kopi C ais kosong to go with my steak.

Now I put my drink through the blender just like what they do at the shops. It froths up the drink and gives it more body for a better mouth feel.

The steak was tender and juicy and filled me up just right.

For dinner it was beef trimmings that I bought from Jaya Grocer. I seasoned it with the leftover oil in the frying pan (from frying the steak) and additional dashes of Seasoned All Seasoned Salt

I ate this while watching Lover Stalker Killer on Netflix. It is a documentary on a fascinating real life criminal case which has a twist. 

Kitte Kat Update :

Becoming a mum is a very tiring job.

So mum snoozes with the kitties.


  1. Wah, your food really will give protein to build muscle πŸ’ͺ very good πŸ‘ I want to nibble off your plate la. πŸ˜‹ Yummy

    1. Come to think of it, we are made of protein so it makes sense to eat protein to maintain and rebuild our tissues.

  2. Ya, sleep more and eat more. Kittie Kat must eat well more to give nutritious milk to her 3 babies. 😻

  3. Soon the 3 babies will be running around and mommy Kittie Kat will have a more challenging time controlling them. ,😼

  4. You must send mum Kittie Kat to spay soonest possible as she might get pregnant again staying outside of the house. Kittens can wait till old enough ( say after 6 mths ) to spay.

  5. I used to wear contact lenses too but after an episode with an eye inflammation (caused by the lenses), I was advised to stop and switched to glasses. I too once had the lenses go towards the back of my eyes and getting it back to the front was a scary experience too.

    Wow, you must love your kopi c so much that you would go through all the trouble of putting through a blender (and washing it) just to get the froth. Maybe you should invest in a frother. ^_~

    1. Ah, you too! When I was at university, I wanted to wear contacts but was met with much resistance from my mum due to concerns about infection. So I waited until I got me a job hee..hee...

      That's a good idea, a frother! Let me look into that :)

  6. I wonder how the contact len can be popping out from eye? FYI, I don't wear contact lens or glasses.

    1. It can happen, especially when the eye becomes dry.