Monday 19 February 2024

Priming Day #9 : Tomahawk Time!

Don't get to excited because my home cooked tomahawk (this happened on Chinese New Year eve) did not turn up as I had hoped.

I did not have any high hopes of course because I don't have the right tools to get this cooked spot on. But no harm trying, right?

Before that, this was my breakfast.

My usual steamed soup and eggs.

It was very good!

The day before, I dry brined the tomahawk.

I took it out to stand to room temperature before roasting the tomahawk in the oven at 120C. It is supposed to be done when the internal temperature reaches 120C.

But I have no way of telling since I don't own a meat thermometer. So I just agak-agak by pressing the thickest part of the meat.

Then it was time to sear the meat.

Obviously my grill pan (which is slightly bigger than my cast iron pan) could not accommodate the tomahawk. So I had to cut it into two parts.

The tomahawk was overcooked in the oven. 

Not the medium rare I was looking for.

You know what is the best part?

heh..heh... Dog also got no chance.

These are the fattier parts that was attached to the bone.

When I was searing the tomahawk, I forgot to close the kitchen door.

My air purifier turned red and went full blast sucking the air. Then it turned orange as the air became cleaner and then finally blue when the air was clean.

So the tomahawk I ate for lunch and dinner. Although the meat was overcooked, it was still good. I would do it again if there is a special offer on tomahawks. Perhaps end of this year.


  1. I'm disappointed for you that your tomahawk didn't turn out the way it's supposed to be cooked since you paid quite a bit of money for it (I would be sad too). :'( I thought it's always seared first and then finished cooking in the oven but you did the reverse method. Perhaps next time, you cook it less in the oven and sear it longer in the pan (which you can control if it happens to be less cooked). When I had my tomahawk previously, I noticed that there was a little cut/slit on the meat (I think that was for the chef to check if the internal doneness was what he wanted). Good luck on your next piece! ;) I think I'd rather leave it in the hands of professionals coz very sayang-lah if pay so much and can't get it done right...but that's me. ^_~

    1. Yeah.... I will try as you suggested. less time in the oven and make a slit to check doneness. The professional's price can pengsan LOL!

  2. How much was your raw tomahawk again if you don't mind me asking again because my memory is bad and I failed to find when search your posts for the price? As long as I can still bite the meat, I don't mind a bit overcooked meat. You are very brave to attempt to cook a raw tomahawk at home. For that, I salute you! Tabik! πŸ†πŸŽ–️πŸ₯‡πŸ…

    1. It was RM187.20 as per the second photo. If eating out, it would cost much much more.

    2. Thanks. I didn't notice the price in photo 2. Lolx! πŸ˜‚

  3. For me, the doneness of your tomahawk looked good for me. :)

    1. I remember you mentioned before that you prefer it more cooked.