Thursday 15 February 2024

Priming Day #7 : Craving Organs

On day #6 I added only one egg to my soup (for breakfast) and I felt that it wasn't enough.

So on day #7 I added two eggs.

Let me show you how I do the soup.

This is the soup straight out from the fridge. It is all solidified.

I broke two eggs onto the (cold) soup.

Then I reheat the soup by way of steaming. 

The yolks are set at the top but it is runny at the bottom.

When it was time for lunch, I was hungry. I have not been doing Priming correctly because I am not supposed to feel hungry.

Because Priming is the Feasting stage of the Feasting and Fasting program, I am supposed to eat until I am very full (the coach described it as Thanksgiving full which is to me the equivalent of Chinese New Year full hah..hah...).

I was somehow craving for organ meats.

I went for the Supreme Mixed Soup that has all the fixins. This time I opted for "no meatballs".

The kidneys that day was very good, fresh and had a nice bite to it (cooked just right). Everything was good.

I am glad that their Kopi C is more than decent.

For dinner I had two pieces of pork chops which were marinated with oyster sauce.

I was lucky with the timing and the meat was cooked just right.

The meat was very tender and moist.

Meanwhile the fatty part was very crispy. 

Kimchi helped to cut through the greasiness of the pork fats.


  1. Ah, I think you need to eat more meat during breakfast at this priming stage. I think if u eat your two eggs in your soup plus one pork chop for breakfast then you won't feel hungry before lunch.

    Nowadays I eat just one meal but I don't feel hungry at all at night because I ate enough food in that one meal. Sometimes I eat a bit too much and feel very uncomfortable so now I make sure I eat just enough during that one meal and not too much.

    Happy priming and feasting to you! 😋

    1. Good observation. More meat means can stay full longer, so I ate two chicken chops today.

  2. Hi PH, just sign in today after a long absence, I have to go read back to your previous posts to know what priming means. Meanwhile I really admire your meaty appetite, how come my doc never advise me to do this? Instead he told me to refrain from meat cos I have too much protein my body system. I must seek second opinion! LOL...

    1. Hi Claire! With all due respect, your doctor is not giving good advice. I learnt that doctors don't know much about nutrition. Please continue to eat meat to maintain your muscle mass. Or else will end up all shrunken and weak like a lot of senior citizens. We must maintain and also build our skeletal muscles and for that we need protein.

  3. I always reboil my frozen soup and when add in egg, it will become egg drop soup. I'll use your steaming method next time to have that beuatiful done sunny side up. ^__^