Wednesday 28 February 2024

Priming Day #14 : Valentine's Day

It was the 14th day of Priming which is the last day of 3MAD (3 Meals A Day). What a relief!

Eating three times a day is such a drag, especially breakfast. So I looked forward to moving on to 2MAD. 

Breakfast was air fryer eggs again but this time with the addition of pre-cooked minced beef and bacon bits.

Then for lunch I had chicken.

It was the 5th day of Chinese New Year and Twins Signature Roast Duck was open for business. With all the small tables taken, I had to take a big one.

I had the soy sauce chicken (half) and it was a nice change from having duck. 

Although I will (try to) bring my own food next week onwards, this won't be my last eat-out. I will keep options open. 

Eating out must be kept to a very minimum because cannot sustain especially with rising prices.

People were still celebrating big time. Incidentally it was also Valentine's Day. Nope, no special thing for me that day.

Tang Room was full house.

So was Red Kettle with a long queue outside. Business is good. Well, there are lots of people more financially well off than me.

Dinner was kimchi jigae which I cooked using my disastrous kimchi. Hmm... it kind of looks like "chye boey" on steroids. It filled me up amply for my last meal of the day.

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day 2024.

***Kittie Kat Updates***

Well, as Kittie Kat found out, romance leads to big responsibilities.

Ah.... the joy of motherhood!

Ma! I surrender!!


  1. Kindly provide Kittie Kat & kittens a big box. It is getting congested with mum & kittens. Since the kittens' eyes are still not open, a turn with cause kitten to fall down the shoe cabinet in the middle of the night & unable to climb up to mummy's warm body.

    1. Not to worry, I have already put in place a bigger box for them. Thanks for your concern.

  2. Hmm...... I wonder how Twins Signature numbered their table, how come there is table number 99. O.O

    1. LOL! For the big tables I guess. There is also a table 88.

  3. Your soy chicken meat looks juicy and tender. They place the half chicken so nicely on the plate. I don't celebrate Cupid's day either. I don't think it is romance for kitties kat lolx!

    1. The soy sauce chicken is worth ordering but if have to choose only one, go for duck hah..hah...

  4. this time soy chicken...still looks tempting with juicy meat and glistening chicken skin! gua suka! Young mommy kittie kat looks so stress with 3 kittens who attached to her all the time! kesian sungguh....