Friday 16 February 2024

You Should Have Married A Rich Man

When I was a sweet young thing, my auntie tried to fix me up with a rich man's son. 

"When you marry so-and-so, his parents will buy a house for both of you" she enthused. Mind you I haven't even met the guy.

You want to hear the story? If I see at least 10 comments in the affirmative, I will publish the story (since I don't have many comments, I dare to say this). If not, I will take the story to my grave.

Marrying a rich man or a rich man's son was never in my agenda. In fact getting married was never in my plans. I guess I am not the marrying kind. You think what? Being a rich man's wife is easy, eh?

There are lots of challenges. Most of these men have "side dishes", if you know what I mean.  One day you are the flavor of his life, next thing you know dia nak tukar selera. I will never put up with that. My parang will come out and there will be war.

Ish! Let's not go there. Anyway, the other day I walked into SSF, The Starling again just to look-see-look-see.

I saw this ugly thing.

Poking out from under the arm rest was a device holder. How convenient, right?

Wow! RM3,999.00. And that is member price. 

There are other designs.

I was surveying sofa sets since I do need a new sofa. My existing two and three seater sofas are scratched to kingdom come. These with leather/PVC lining are not to my taste.

I prefer fabric ones like these where you can put scatter cushions with colorful covers to brighten up your living room.

What do you think of the price? If I were a rich man's wife, I no need to think. Just place an order and swipe my rich husband's credit card hah...hah....

Hmmm...these are quite nice. But I can't afford anything like these yet. I have to recover financially first. Maybe next year.

These are hanging seats. I don't know where people usually install these but my uncle has one at the area outside his front entrance.

Call me a scaredy cat (who watches too many hantu movies), I don't want these anywhere in/near the house because what if it starts swinging on its own? Takut!

Expensive some more. No need lah.

These are very tasteful wall decorations. I like.

These cushions are lovely and will make your sofa look even more cosy.

If I had the time, I can do my own paintings. 

It is a hobby that I no longer have the luxury to indulge in.

Ah! Rich man's wife will have one of these for the maid to serve drinks and treats to their guests when they come over for an afternoon soiree. 

These are very nice vases. I like those greenish ones on the top row and second row far right.

Some people like these antique-looking vases. I never like antiques because I find them eerie.

Some of these artificial plants are quite nice but some do look fake.

I mostly prefer flowers because the artificial greenery don't look natural.

So that was my short tour of SSF. There are many other things sold there and if you have deeps pockets (or married to one hah..hah...), you can come away with some purchases that will brighten up your home and make your day.


  1. But your new sofa will be scratched by your furkids in very short period, not sakit hati meh >_<

    1. I will find a way to protect the sofa first.

  2. i'm dropping my comment here to add to the 'count' coz i want to read about the "story"....LOL!

    1. LOL! Tak cukup undi, so no story hah..hah...

  3. If I key in ten comments do they count as ten comments or one comment? πŸ˜‚ I also want to hear your full story 😁

    1. Ah! I forgot to state the criteria, one person one comment hee..hee...

  4. I want to hear the story too. Haha!

    1. I didn't get the requisite number of comments so I guess not many people are interested LOL!

  5. Aiyah, why no-one wants to hear you cerita! :D I I'm putting my vote to your count but looks like it still won't be enough for you to tell us the story. >.< P/S: All those cushions are lovely but these store-bought ones tend to go lembik very fast.

    1. want to hear my juicy story LOL! Who knows one fine day when I am in the mood, I might be compelled to write about it kih..kih...kih...