Sunday 18 February 2024

Chef on Leave?

It was day #8 of Chinese New Year (Saturday) and we went to visit dad at the nursing home.

Our visits are one hour and usually the first 30 minutes, I would be in the room with mum and dad (my brother stays outside at the window since the room is small). 

Then I go out to stretch my back because after sitting for 30 minutes, my back becomes stiff. This would also give my parents time alone to talk freely with each other. 

This kitty (which I have named BoyBoy) is me and my brother's part time pet LOL!

BoyBoy does not mind being picked up and carried.

But he can get frisky and likes to (playfully) bite.

As usual, after our time with dad, we make our way to Kar Hiong. The parking spaces near the restaurant were all taken up so my brother dropped me and mum while he looked for a place to park.

Usually (when we can park near the restaurant) my brother is the one who does the ordering. This is the second time when I called the shots. 

This is the first time we are ordering the sweet and sour pork. I'm afraid it wasn't any good. The chap fan shops does it better prompting my mum to conclude that the main chef must be on leave.

Instead of steamed fish that we normally order, I got the ginger and spring onion fish slices. It was just OK.

The honey pepper abalone mushrooms were as good as before. 

And so was the stir fried sweet potato leaves. 

There was a big family having their lunch gathering and they started out with a big platter of yee sang. They were having a merry good time. That's how it used to be for us during the good old days.

Meanwhile, my auntie sent me her dinner of rice, asam pedas fish, budu with durian and mint leaves (as ulam). Wah! That is so so good! Better than our less than stellar lunch. Hopefully next visit would be better


  1. Just to clarify, your auntie sent you her photo of her dinner, right? Cos at first I thought your auntie packed up her dinner and sent all the food to you all and I say oh dear, how? Ph doesn't eat rice for dinner wot. 😱

    1. Yes, photo. Sorry for the confusion LOL!

  2. The cat is so friendly. You got carry him as well? Later Girl smells boy boy on you, girl will give you her angry look 😾

  3. But if your honey pepper abalone mushrooms and sweet potato leaves were as good as before, then the chef can't be on leave, right? Lol! It's quite surprising that you all would even stick with the same vegetable since there are so many varieties of vegetable you can have that's equally good. ^_~

    1. Maybe the assistant chef could handle those two dishes well but not the other two hah..hah.... We tried other veggies and some of them were not cooked to our liking.

  4. I'm surprised bythe serving method of the Budu & fresh Durian, is this the exact way how this condiment served? o.O

    1. Yes, that is how it is served. I know you find it strange hah..hah...