Thursday 1 February 2024

A Cheesebake and A Near Kimchi Explosion

I wanted to finish off the last 2 packets of grated cheese in my fridge. No more wastage this year and I must not let ingredients expire!

So I layered my ingredients and topped with cheese. 

I popped the baking tray into the air fryer at 200C for 15 minutes.

It came out nice and brown and delicious!

It was good for two portions, lunch and dinner.

That morning, I transferred some kimchi from the fridge into a glass bottle to let it ferment overnight.

I did leave some headspace to allow for expansion from the fermentation process. The weather is now very hot and the next morning, I noticed kimchi juice flowing out from the bottle.

When I opened the bottle cap, there was a loud whoosh and pop! and more juice flowed out.

The kimchi rose to the top of the bottle. I had placed the bottle on a paper towel and with benefit of hindsight, I should have placed it on a tray.

What a mess!

So I wised up and for the next ferment, I allowed more headspace and placed the bottles on a tray.

I also labelled the bottle cap.

The following morning approximately 24 hours later, the kimchi rose to almost the top of the bottle. I made sure not to screw the top too tightly to allow gasses to escape (so no explosion LOL!)

I am not happy with this batch of kimchi and I will reattempt another batch. No wastage because I can use this batch to cook kimchi jigae.


  1. Your kimchi looks good. Too bad they weren't up to your expectations. Good that you will use them for kimchi jigae so no wastage. Your cheese bake looks delicious!

    1. Thank you! I had another taste yesterday and I think the flavors may have improved a little.

  2. I found some leftover kim chi in the fridge and my girl loves the mum's kim chi fried rice. Trouble is I do not know the recipe so I cannot fry for her.

    1. There are lots of kimchi fried rice recipes online.