Saturday 17 February 2024

Priming Day #8 : Opps...Duck Again

On day #8 my office was officially closed for Chinese New Year but I went to work due to an urgent matter. What a bummer!

Before I left the house, I made breakfast. It was the same old same old.

This time three eggs hee...hee....

Into the steamer it went.

I kept an eye on the eggs and this time the yolks were not overcooked.

Of course it was a lot better to have the yolks runny.

I am going to make this soup again and eat it this way. There is one more portion for the next day.

After I was done at the office, I sau tong! hah..hah... I wanted to eat the soy sauce chicken at Twins Signature Roast Duck but alas, there was no chicken on the menu (I believe it was not ready yet).

So I settled on the duck.

I was not disappointed because the duck was super good.

 The coffee that day looked fancy after I stirred it.

After my meal, I went to Jaya Grocer to pick up a packet of beef trimmings for dinner. Back home at just air fried it as I usually do.

Just simple seasoning of garlic salt.

It was quite nice eaten with kimchi.

I gave some kimchi to my mum and she said it was good.


  1. Ah, your kimchi must be super duper tasty. Yummy! 😋🤤 Is that one whole duck? Yums yums!

    1. No, half duck as usual. I can't eat one whoel duck LOL!

  2. I had roasted duck on my reunion dinner. Super good. Yours looked delicious too. Glossy skin. Hehe

    1. I am sure the duck you had was delicious!

  3. I'm thinking what clear soup I can make that taste nice together (instead of borsch soup coz there's too much sugar in the ketchup or tomato paste) where I can also add eggs like you.

    1. I think meatball soup could be suitable. In fact any clear chicken and pork soup should be OK.

  4. i think the Kimchi is good to offset the greasiness of the AF beef trimming.