Wednesday 14 February 2024

Priming Day #6 : Chicken Finally

Breakfast on day #6 was some Borscht-like soup that I cooked some two weeks ago and stashed in the freezer. 

The soup was cooked by sauteing some minced beef in butter and then adding chopped onions, tomatoes and broth. I also added some tomato ketchup and chicken stock. I thought it tasted quite nice.

I basically cracked one egg on the cold (and solidified) soup and then heated the soup in the steamer.

It worked out quite well. There were another 3 containers of this soup in the fridge/freezer.

I decided to eat the soy sauce chicken at Twins Signature Roast Duck for a change.

This is quarter chicken (the lower quarter) and I thought it was pretty good. Very fragrant, tender and moist. I might need half chicken next time hah..hah...

Whoever prepared this coffee is very neat, not a single spill.

For dinner, I had air fried beef trimmings.

It was seasoned with garlic salt. 

This is the balance of the local kimchi that I bought and I cleared it off.

This is my homemade kimchi which somehow (to me) tasted better than the store bought kimchi.

On my next visit to Twins, I'll have the soy sauce chicken again.


  1. I believe I will like the soy sauce chicken since it is tender. I am sure your soup taste very nice. I will eat your kimchi with the egg in your soup. I can imagine it to be so tasty 😋 yummy!

    1. I had the chicken again yesterday. You will like it.

  2. I will visit Twins one day to try what you have been eating!

    1. When you do, you must choose to eat the duck!

  3. The portion looked like half chicken, quite big.