Tuesday 6 February 2024

Priming Day #2 : Chicken, Duck, Pork and Beef

Before I went to the office, I air fried two marinated chicken chops (marinated the evening before). 

I ate one for breakfast. It was so good! Tender, juicy and smoky. I couldn't eat the second one because I was so full.

So I kept it in a container. I know it would not be enough for lunch so I left it at home.

I had lunch at noon. I wasn't that hungry but I could eat.

Duck and pork. I never get tired of this.

Twins Signature Roast Duck was not very crowded yet at that time but all the small tables were occupied. 

So I had to sit at a big table. Table 88 hee..hee...hee...

For dinner I had the Hanoi Beef Pho Special at Pho Real, The Starling. Of course, I requested for no noodles.

There were lots of meat in the bowl.

The broth was very good but I refrained from drinking too much.

I discarded the beef balls because these are basically starch and not what I want to eat.

So that was day #2, four types of meat. Lunch was my favorite meal, naturally. And oh, what happened to the remaining air fried chicken at home? Well, I ate it when I got home (that was my snack).


  1. Wow! Really priming yourself up. All the food you ate look so delicious! I wonder would they leave out the beef balls if you request them to do so next time.

    1. I am sure they will leave the beef balls out if I requested. They save ingredients.

  2. I suggest you can ask them to omit the beef balls on your next visit.

  3. I hate it when they use the frozen supermarket beef balls.Like rubber and it has a peculiar smell and taste.

  4. You sapu-ed all 4 meats in one day...no animal is safe from you...lol....except maybe your cats! :D