Saturday 13 April 2024

Naughty #4 : Chicken Rice @ Restoran Choy Kee, Damansara Jaya

After venturing out to Restoran Wan Shoon to eat at Fatt Kee Soy Sauce Chicken Rice, I decided to venture into other kopitiam to check out the chicken rice there.

I pass by Restoran Choy Kee on my (almost) daily walks to my brother's house.

There is a chicken rice stall operating there but the name is written in Mandarin. So I am not able to read.

I visited around 12:00pm one day. The coffee shop was not crowded at all. 

My standard order is rice with chicken drumstick, siew yoke and char siew. "Wah, so much , ah?!" remarked the proprietor good heartedly. So I laughed. Wait till he finds out I can sapu half a chicken in one sitting. Anyway.

A server came to take my order for Kopi O Ais Kosong (RM2.70). No e-wallet usage here. The Kopi O was good.

This was my order of chicken rice (RM12.00) and paid via e-wallet.

The highlight for me is the proteins. Pretty decent and I have no complaints. I was OK with the sauce.

In future I can come here for just the meats, no rice, no sauce. This rice I would say is all right, can eat. Not as fragrant as I would expect of chicken rice. It is decent at best, I am not out to look for the best chicken rice in the neighborhood.

***Kitten Updates***

The kittens are now 7 weeks old and and mama cat is still nursing them. Mother's milk is the best!

I am happy that the kitties have taken to their double decker beds. I often catch them having a snooze there (though not all three at the same time).

This is Tutu and Ah Boi cozying up together.

While Poodie is snoozing on the bottom deck.


  1. Oh, now I remember your cat was pregnant then... so these are her kittens, thought you adopted them... that is the problem of not following up regularly in your posts.
    The portion looks good, I like mixture of meat too especially roasted pork, the price is reasonable too!

    1. It's a cheaper alternative for me to eat here and next time I won't have rice.

  2. Roast meat for me anytime! πŸ˜‹ Ah, good that mama still let the 3 of them nurse. πŸ‘ They are so cute and loving their beds from grandma 😍😻thank you grandma 😻😸😺

    1. hee..hee.. the kiddies seem happy but not so happy when I quarantine them in the evening.

  3. I assume that was the Char Siew sauce which I normally will ask the stall operator to omit it.