Wednesday 3 April 2024

Beef Trimmings

I batch cooked three packets of beef trimmings on Sunday.

There is a mix of meat, gristle and fat in those packs. So what I do is I separate the fat from the rest of the meat.

It is better to cook them separately because the fatty bits require less cooking time.

I use my baking trays to cook the beef trimming in the air fryer.

I air fry the trimmings at 200C for about 16 minutes, turning at half time.

Very easy.

I had to use three trays.

This is the fatty bits which I placed in my square corningware.

I portioned these out into glass containers to be stored in the fridge.

I simply simple sprinkle salt onto the cooked beef trimmings after they are cooked.

That's my lunch for the next few days.

***Kitten Updates***

TuTu Kat has found her way up to the top of the cage.

It's her favorite hangout.

Where she lounges like a boss.

She is joined by her brother BoiBoi Kat. I picture this as them lounging out on the rooftop of a swanky hotel.

Ah Boi is sleepy but he remains in a non-sleeping position.

Look at that. Sleep until so syiok. But these fellas are very alert (note the perky ears). Even when they appear to be asleep, they can react very fast to anything near them.

Meanwhile Poodie Kat was napping inside the box.


  1. Aww Ah Boi's body size looks smaller than TuTu Kat in the 4th photo. I can see that TuTu Kat's eyes are no longer blue in the 2nd photo. The kittens have found their comfortable spot.

    1. The color of their eyes is changing. I wished that they had stayed blue.

  2.'re on a "meat fest" posting! Those kitties know which is the best spot to lounge...on a soft bed.
    Usually a male cat is bigger in size than a female but AhBoi seems smaller than TuTu Kat. Wouldn't it be funny if AhBoi turns out to be! :D Keeping the cats in a cage (at night) with no toilet, you've not faced any "accidents"? I used to do that with Cookie (trying to give him as much room as possible in the cage, so omitted the litter tray) and woke up to "surprises" in the morning....hah..hah! ;D

    1. Carnivorous me! LOL! Oh dear, I better check their behinds again. Oh yes, there were accidents. There was a particularly bad one which spoiled my evening. Story coming up in a future blog post. LOL!

  3. I can imagine that the deep air fried beef fatty bits will keep you full for quite a while. I know that because if I didn't eat fats for the day for my Omad, I will feel hungry in the evening. If I eat fats during Omad then I won't feel hungry at all.

    1. You are right and since you have experienced it yourself, fat is essential for satiety and also for absorption of fat soluble vitamins. I love fatty meat!

  4. Tutu kat is a climber! She will want to climb up to your shoulder and be a shoulder kitty if you let her. Tutu, poodie, ahboi are so precious πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ˜» thank you for your daily photos of them. Really heart warming to look at them.

    1. Tutu climbed on my shoe this morning and I expected her to climb up my leg but she didn't. LOL!

  5. Ahboi looks like Yoda and Grogu due to his big ears.

  6. I wonder if you have constipation problem as you eat lesser vegetables and fruits now.