Friday 12 April 2024

A Fabulous Lunch. Burp!

Wednesday was the first day of Hari Raya and it coincided with our visiting schedule to see dad.

At the home, another family were there to visit their (presumably) mother/grandmother and the little children made the atmosphere very jolly.

Dad is doing well and appears to be healthy and still mentally very sharp. So far, no issues arising except for some bleeding a few weeks ago which has been resolved.

After the visit, we made our way to Kar Hiong after a two week hiatus. It being a public holiday, all was quiet and there were plenty of parking spaces available. 

We always have our chili-garlic-soy sauce condiment ready before the dishes are served.

Our new dish for the day was this Indonesian Deep Fried Fish. We chose siakap (seabass) as our choice of fish and it did not dissappoint.

The fish was fried until very crispy and the sauce is basically kicap manis.

A squeeze of the calamansi lime juice enhanced the sauce and we absolutely loved this dish. 

All the rest of the dishes are repeat orders because they are our favorites and we didn't want to take a risk. One new dish at a time, lest the choice disappoints (which the fried fish didn't).

This dish needs no introduction, our default order of Honey Pepper Abalone Mushrooms. As good as ever!

This Sayur Manis Stir Fried with Egg has grown on us. It is very tasty.

This was my brother's special request, the Crispy Pork Belly. We all love this dish.

Our tummies happy. we left knowing that we would be back on Saturday for another fabulous lunch.

***Kitten Updates***

This is my Poodie patootie resting at one of her favorite spots (besides the flower pot).

I made it into a double decker which she shares with Tutu Kat.

Sometimes Tutu and Ah Boi have a rough and tumble gusti (wrestling) session.

Sometimes Ah Boi monopolizes the cat bed.

He is becoming rather cute and adorable. And he is the first to dash through the door when I open the front door in the morning. Haiz!  


  1. Aww your double decker cat bed from old shoe rack is rather cute. Poodie &TuTu enjoy their bed well :) Thank you Grandma.

  2. Good strategut of trying out new dishes...ordering one new dish at a time. We do that too at our regular tai chow places so that if it's a wrong choice, we still have our usual others that won't disappoint. sound like a mother getting a double bed for her kids. I see your cat bed is finally put to good use. Kittens love that. Tutu will always be my cutie patootie! ;)

    1. Ah, yes I know your favorite is Tutu! She is the best looking of the lot and her beguiling looks make her a favorite of many.

  3. I like all the dishes you had above... hard to get sayur manis here in Ipoh or Penang...
    Long time did not come by here and now I notice that you adopted another two cute little kittens!

    1. Long time no see! Well, I had no choice because my cat gave birth and gave me grandchildren. LOL!

  4. Ah, I forgot to comment after reading your post yesterday. I am still salivating at your dishes from Kah Hiong. So tasty! 😋🤤
    Ah, thank you thank you grandma for the double decker bed and the round bed. I see poodie, tutu and ahboi are enjoying these beds very much. 💕😻

    1. Thanks for your comment, as always! I want to make the environment as comfortable as possible for them.

  5. I assume the Honey Pepper Abalone Mushrooms has similar texture with the crispy pork belly, as they do look alike.

    1. They are both crispy and equally delicious!