Thursday 25 April 2024

Chicken Rice No Rice

I did not prepare lunch from home, so I had to eat out.

So I visited Restoran Yu Yiee, Damansara Jaya after visiting my mum. 

I went to the chicken rice stall and asked for chicken drumstick, char siew and siew yoke - no rice.

Next to the chicken rice stall is a stall selling pastries.

Mmm... on my next naughty day I might come and sample the siew pau and other bakes hee..hee...

I was charged RM12.00, same price as a set with rice.

The meat was all good. in particular the char siew which I believe is the (very) fatty part. Other people might curse them for off loading a chunk of fat but I welcomed it. Fatty caramelized char siew for me anytime!

The Kopi C (RM2.90) was diluted but was good to quench my thirst and coffee fix. The best kopitiam Kopi C (to me) is at Restoran Wan Shoon, Damansara Kim.

So this kind of meal works out very well for me as it is affordable and portion size is about right (though I could eat more hee..hee...).

I felt a bit guilty indulging in fatty sweet char siew. So I went for my mall and escalator walk.

No need to go to the gym to workout.

Or be exposed to other people's sweat and bacteria.

Free also I don't want.

***Kitten Updates***

New protocol.

Now before my partner reverses his car, all three kittens must go into the cage.

This way we can ensure that they are safe.

After the car is outside the gate, I open the cage door and the kitties can come out to play again.


  1. Yay for the new protocol! 👍😀 Safety 1st!
    Ah, that plate of chicken and pork is my default meat if I don't want to eat any carb because roast meat stalls can be found in many coffee shops. This meat portion looks not enough for you. I think your half duck is much more than this meat portion.

  2. Actually RM12 for a 3 combo meat is very cheap considering your chicken is drumstick (these days 2 meats will set you back around this price, even siew yuk alone can cost RM9). This is a much cheaper meal than having D. Duck so you can even ask for a bigger portion next time. P/S: I like this new protocol which is the best solution for everyone for the kitties and not heart break for the humans! ;)

    1. I am glad I tried this alternative to DD. Yes, I will take up your suggestion of asking for a bigger portion. Oh yes, my partner can now reverse his car with confidence. The kitties however do not like having to go into the cage and there will be loud protests every time. LOL!

  3. Like Kris, I agree that the combo of 3 is very cheap as the portion looks besar!! Only RM12!

    You are so smart to create this new protocol for kitten's safety. It somehow reminded me about when I was a little kid, we could only run in the garden after my dad had reversed his car to go out. We were not kittens but played hide and seek too often. Mum was worried we hid behind the car even when we could hear the engine 😂😂😂

    1. Yes, much better for my very shallow pocket! I intend to pay a little bit more for a bigger portion.

      Oh, you reminded me of those sad stories where little kids were accidentally knocked down by their own parents who were not aware they were behind the car.

  4. The kitties grow up so fast!! They are adorable.

    The fatty part of roasted pork is fine with me. Used not to take but now I don't mind.

  5. Nowadays my default is also a plate of mix roast meat from the roast meat stall without rice. Rm12 is a good price for your amount of meat. Yes, safety 1st for the 3 kiddies.

  6. Portion is big for RM12, especially with two types of pork dishes.