Monday 15 April 2024


Last Saturday was particularly traumatic for my partner and I.

As with normal practice now, I do a head count to make sure all three kitties are accounted for and are not in the pathway of the car. I also do not get into the car until the car is outside the gate.

That morning Ah Boi was in the garden, playing among the plants while Poodie, Tutu and Kittie Kat were nowhere to be seen. I got down to the ground to make sure the kitties were not under the car.

I also did a quick check on the tyres to make sure they were not hiding under the rim. I did not see anything and it appeared safe to reverse the car. So my partner reversed his car and nowadays, he does that very slowly, inch by inch. 

A few seconds later I heard a shrill shriek and I ran to the side of the car. Oh my God! My poor Poodie was wedged against the wheel! I signaled for my partner to move the car forward to free Poodie.

As soon as she freed herself, she darted to the bottom of the shoe cabinet. I quickly approached to check if she was all right. She was clearly frightened and in shock and cowered towards the back of the cabinet.

Because she could run, that gave me the assurance that she must be OK. But not necessarily so because the adrenaline rush could be the reason she could flee and not feel pain. 

I had to go to the office and as such, my partner and I left the house. It may seem so heartless to leave Poodie like that but we had no choice.  I had been warned (in comments) about the kittens' safety with regards to cars and their fondness for hiding under the tyre rim.

I was very disturbed and depressed at the possibility that my Poodie was mortally wounded. In fact I broke down and cried. 

To cut the long story short, after lunch, my brother sent me home where I found my Poodie patootie sleeping soundly on her cat bed. Because she could make her way up there, I was more or less assured that she was fine.

I gently lifted her and put her on my lap, I checked her legs and ran my finger gently along her sides and belly. She did not complain and I did not see any bruising. Poodie was very lucky and was not harmed. I gave her a cuddle and kissed her on the top of her head.

I snapped a photo and sent a message to my partner to let him know that Poodie was OK. He was very relieved as he felt very bad about the incident that morning. 

I sat outside for a while to observe Poodie and she was happily playing with her siblings.

Sunday morning before we went to Aeon, I did not see Kittie Kat and her kitties anywhere in the porch. I checked underneath the car like 3 times and so did my partner. We were so scared! LOL!

Finally, he went into the car (while I stayed outside), started the engine but was hesitant to reverse the car. But he eventually did, again, slowly and made it outside the gate with no incidence. 

In future, I may have to corral them (if they are around) in the cage until my partner safely reverses his car and then release them after that.

I have to be super super careful. I am very perplexed as to how Poodie could be under the car when I was sure I checked. In fact as she was screaming, Kittie Kat and Girl were at her side.  It's like they all appeared out of nowhere. So scary.

Well, that was a (frightening but) valuable lesson learnt. Check, check, check! And check one more time!(or even two more times!) Thanks to my partner's cautious approach, Poodie was safe. Another 1/2 inch and she could have been crushed.

The incident with Poodie scared the hell out of me and my partner (and Poodie too!). 

I am thankful and grateful that Poodie was unharmed. Cats do have 9 lives!


  1. Poodie oh Poodie, Ah Boi & TuTu must grow up safely & healthily together as they come into this world together. Aww the last photo of Kittie Kat having a meal with her kittens is so precious. TQ Gramdma :)

    1. Grandma is under stress sometimes LOL! Not so easy to take care of this lot but it gladdens my heart to see them growing bigger everyday.

  2. 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢 The choices we all have to make in life sometimes can be so soul wrenching. PTL that poodie is ok and you are spared the traumatic experience of having to clean up a bloody crushed kitten. 😭 😭 😭 😭

    1. I know, right? I said a prayer of thanks for Poodie's escape from an untimely end.

  3. I believe your idea of "In future, I may have to corral them (if they are around) in the cage until my partner safely reverses his car and then release them after that."
    Is the best way because they run very fast so they could just dart out into the car's path and get hurt. 🙏 🙏 🙏
    Thank you grandma for looking after them and loving all 6 furkids.
    May you and your partner be blessed with good fortune and good health! 🙏❤️

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes! I have to make effort to keep them safe but I still worry about danger when I am away from the house.

  4. Awe! Aww! Aww! I was also in tears reading your worries and pain. Perhaps you might have to use a rubber duck to squeak some noise at the tyres if need to check. When I used to keep a Persian cat, it was tough looking for it as my parent's home garden was rather big. I just shook the kibbles container until it showed up!

    1. You have a very soft and kind heart, TM! That rubber duck idea is very good as well as shaking the kibble. Or use a feather duster and jolok2 at the trye rim LOL!

  5. Oh dear, I'm sorry that what I said (commented) came true....but relieved to hear that all is well in the end. The thing is even if you had checked diligently, these kitties can dash out very fast, so it's not within your control. The best control is if they're in a cage especially at night. In the dark of the night, cars will not see them (even harder if they're blackish) if the kitties venture out of your porch (which they will do as they become older and more playful). A family member's stray kitten even got sandwiched between the gate (when the auto gate closed) and died. Auto gates close very slowly but the kitten had the misfortune of just dashing through at the wrong moment. So, even if you checked that the kitties are not around the car, they could still dash out under the car just as you're about to reverse out. If you want total peace of mind, you already know what you have to do. P/S: If a cat happens to be run over by a car, they won't be running away (if they do that, they're ok)...they're not ok if they're darting and flipping all over the place like a crazy person (because of the pain).

    1. Such heart wrenching stories about cats/kittens meeting with an untimely end! I keep them locked up in the evening but I let them free in the day time. I can only do so much to protect them and just hope that they develop a sense of their surroundings and stay out of harms way. Haiz!