Thursday, 26 January 2023

January 2023 Challenge : Day #26 (Another Gift Forgone)

On the same day that I received a gift of beautiful cookies, some more gifts arrived heh..heh... I got a text message informing me that cookies and cake were arriving in time for tea! 

I say, this year I am so ong!

Pineapple tarts, baybeh

Not only that, got cake some more.

An Apple Cake.

The smell was amazing! I didn't eat any of course, all I sedekah to other people. If this had arrived last year, these people got no chance, eh!

Before the Chinese New Year, restaurants were also doing good business. All the office "sau kong" lunches until Two Sons Bistro ran out of clams.

Over at Red Kettle, also full house.

So today, this was my lunch.

I know it is very ugly looking.

Beef trimmings (with a fried egg underneath) that I cooked the night before. I ate this cold and surprisingly it still tasted good (and was very filling). I will probably have beef trimmings again this evening.

Last night I had bacon and butter as a light snack because I wasn't very hungry. I know. This looks like a formula for heart attack but I assure you that it is not. I am currently reading The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teichholz and I find it very interesting. 

Ah! A new restaurant is opening soon at The Starling. Something for me to look forward to.


  1. Full! Full! Full! Wanted to go to the new Japanese place here, full and long queue...and the worst thing the queue was not moving at all. We had to go some place else, also a lot of people but at least we were able to grab a table. Sighhh!!! Glad that Chinese New Year is almost over, no more traffic jam, crowd not as bad as a few days ago!

    1. Yup, my partner also grumbled about having to queue up at the coffee shop to tapau his lunch. Many stalls are closed and the crowds jam up at those that are opened.

  2. Wah, looks like a lot of butter on top of each bacon. The pineapple.tsrts look like the ones I bought before. Yums! The apple cake must be so delicious! How did you find people to sedekah to so fast?

    1. Oh ya, exactly like the ones you gifted me before! I asked my partner to help me to sedekah LOL!

  3. The person who gifted you the cookies and cake must be not very close with you as she/he doesn't know you're on carnivore diet now. :P

    1. Yes, she is my client so she has no idea.