Saturday, 24 July 2021

Lockdown Day #54 : My Dine-In Wishlist

I have been cooped up in my house (not that I am complaining) for almost 2 months now, eating my own cooking or food delivery.

I miss eating out, I really do, although I will admit that I will be cautious when dining in is allowed. I may have completed both doses of vaccine but I know that I am not 100% protected. All precautions must still be taken strictly.

For now, let me dream on first. You know what I miss the most? Annie-1!

How I miss the curry mee!

I also miss the wanton mee.

I even miss the kopi o ais kosong!

I also miss ramen. Especially the one from Menya Musashi.

I am also thinking of the ramen which I had at Ramen Bari Uma.

I also miss the other Japanese stuff like bento.

And the dons.

I know that a few restaurants have closed in the aftermath of the MCO and I wonder if some of my favorites are still surviving.

I miss the food at The Starling's foodcourt.

I am talking about Hotpot1.

I also miss Pho Real.

I love the pho and I miss it.

I also miss Pho Vietz.

I can't wait to go there again to enjoy my favorites.

Pre-Covid 19 we all took all these pleasures for granted. 

Life is not the same anymore and I wonder if we would ever get back to how it was before. These days if your loved one is ill in the hospital (even non-Covid 19 cases) you are not allowed to visit. It's really sad.

Another of my favorite place for noodles is Rice & Pot Empire.

I miss the tomato based soup with all the fixins.

I also miss Mr Fish.

Heck I even miss chap fan!

And at the other extreme, dai chow!

Gah! How I long for all these dishes.

Not forgetting my favorite Chili's.

I also miss going for a Big Breakfast although I can easily cook this at home. Well, nothing beats someone else doing it for you (and I would gladly pay).

What else do I miss? Oh ya, the sweet stuff.

Ah! Soylab how I miss thee!

I also miss my favorite frozen yogurt IlaoIlao.

Sigh......... For now I can only dream...


  1. Wow so much food today in one post. Tell me about it, I miss dining out too, dine in is not allowed again in SG from July 22 onwards. Situation will be reviewed two weeks later.

    I had vegetarian food today as it is Chap Goh.

    1. Oh ya, my partner told me yesterday that it was Chap Goh. He used to observe vegetarian diet on 1st and 15th day but gave up liao. LOL!

  2. I too miss eating out. Miss meeting up with friends for meals especially breakfast and dinner. We stay in contact through whatsapp. The picture of the curry mee makes me miss my favourite curry mee which I have not eaten since the lockdown because it is on the other side of town. Don't know when it is safe to dine out. Scary to see the numbers going up and up.

    1. It's so sad that we can't have makan gatherings anymore. I wonder when will it be safe again. Haiz..

  3. What a sad post. 😢
    I saw someone eating frozen llao llao at home by takeaway or delivery. I think they do a very good job with ensuring the frozen yogurt is frozen when you get it. Maybe you can buy it to enjoy at home too since you miss it.

    1. Sad, right? Let me check on the IlaoIlao delivery. If I remember correctly they only deliver the yogurt plain.

  4. I don't mind eating our own cooking but I did go out to buy dim sum yesterday...and roast meat and stuff a few days ago but not that keen on doing that and definitely, not going to dine in even though it is allowed right now. #staysafe #staywell #stayhome

    Ooooo...your Big Breakfast!!! Ooooooo...all those nice things you can get to eat outside, no wonder you miss eating out!!! Cases going to reach 1 million already, Selangor going up and up, I wonder why!!!

    1. Today topped 1 million already! I screamed so loudly again. LOL!

  5. Ah, I see you're into posting summary kind-of-posts now! ;) Fun right?....digging into your archives. I really miss dining out too. I don't miss hawker-type food as much as you do coz I've been able to tapau all my favourite ones from the coffee shops nearby although I have to say nothing beats eating noodles right at the shop where the broth comes piping hot. I do miss dining out at proper restaurants though. As soon as dining out is allowed, I would want to dine out too but will be selective of the places such as non-airconditioned, open air, properly ventilated, well distanced tables and not overly crowded places over (say) air-conditioned environments to safeguard/minimise ventilation issues. Luckily I don't crave sweet stuff like cold desserts & ice cream coz those definitely need to be eaten on site & in aircond places...haha.

    1. Oh ya, digging into my archives when I have no new material LOL! Lucky you, you have nearby coffee shops. BU is like a dessert with no coffee shops hah..hah... I'd most likely stay on the cautious side first when dining in is allowed. I can visualize that the first place my partner will take me to is Seng Kee Chicken Rice wahahahaha!!!

  6. Wow! I miss almost everything you missed! Especially Annie-1, Mr Fish and Starling Mall's Food Court. I love slurping the Honey Lemon Jelly in Shaved ice! So heavenly. I still eat Ilao Ilao weekly as there is one outlet nearby within 10km (need to say if to safeguard)

    Dining-in will be soon! Real soon!! Mak Kiah's son said so.

    1. LOL! Oh ya, I know where the TTDI IlaoIlao is. Lucky you!

  7. What a long list, hahah! I would order delivery if I ever craved for some that particular food although I know the flavour/texture might be compromised.

    1. Some of them I don't mind to order delivery, those that are not soup based.


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