Wednesday, 14 July 2021

EMCO Day #12 : Spicy Southern Fried Chicken

Today I ate chicken again. Haiz....hee..hee..hee... Somehow there is something so irresistible about fried chicken. To me lah. My partner is not so enthusiastic - can get sore throat he says. OK lah, you don't eat.

I read about Soul Byrd back in May 2021 on EDKL and I was very keen to try this Southern buttermilk fried chicken, something that I have seen on TV, you know the fried chicken from places like New Orleans in USA. This would be my opportunity to taste American soul food from the deep south. Since the chef himself is American, I can be assured that the food is authentic.

Soul Byrd is on Grabfood and I eagerly placed my order.

This is the selection of chicken...

... and more chicken.

Then you have the sides.

And my favorite part of any menu, dessert!

They also have a range of hot sauces too if you are interested to indulge in more sauce.

I placed a scheduled order for my food to be delivered between 12:00 pm and 12:15 pm. As with all my food orders these days, I requested for the rider to place my order inside a box that I place outside my gate.

My order arrived in a paper bag via Grabcar and as soon as I opened the door, I could already smell the fried chicken. Wah! Hou heong ah!

Inside were my orders of (I admit I was very greedy) - 12 pieces Chicken Wing and Drumettes, 1 Chicken Leg Whole, 1 Succotash Deep South Veg, 1 Coleslaw and 1 Soul Byrd Hummingbird Cake. The Southern Dark Chocolate Cake was not available when I placed my order or else I would have gotten that too. See how greedy I am?

Right on top was the Hummingbird Cake, a cake that I have been wanting to try for a long time.

Since the other orders were hot, the frosting on the cake was melting. So I quickly place it in the fridge.

These were the rest of my orders.

For the fried chicken, you have a choice of spice level :
- Naked : no spice
- Country : salt & pepper
- Mild
- Hot
- Soul Byrd Hot
- Nashville : very hot

And you can also choose your sauce :
- Ranch Sauce : awesome (that I agree!)
- Amba : very mild
- Green Sauce  : mild & fresh
- Yellow Sauce : medium & sweet
- Going Bananas : hot & fruity
- Red Hot Mamma : hot & smoky
- Whistlin' Woman : very hot

When confronted with so many choices I got a little confused.

For both the Chicken W&D and Chicken Leg, I chose the mild spice level because I was going for a hot sauce and did not want double dose of heat. Due to my confusion, I ended up choosing Red Hot Mamma sauce for both orders.

Haiz! I should have chosen another sauce. For the Chicken W&D, you can choose up to 2 sauces and the other sauce I chose was the Ranch Sauce which I loved.

This is the Chicken W&D.

The smell was so good, all those herbs and spices. I loved the spicy savory flavors and the chicken was very moist, though not as crispy, something which is to be expected of food delivery.

I loved the Ranch Sauce as it was tangy and savory. So good! The Red Hot Mamma was very smokey and yes, very hot. lips were burnin! Imagine what the hottest, Whistlin' Woman, would be. Nope, not going to try that!

The Chicken Leg was huge. Very good portion for a big eater or comfortably shared by two small eaters.

Again, very tasty moist and tender chicken. I wished that I had chosen another sauce for variety.

Now for the vegetables.

I have always been curious about Succotash. As it turns out, it is vegetables usually tomatoes, corn, beans and okra stir fried with butter and seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs. This one I could detect Cajun spice. 

The Coleslaw is what you would expect of coleslaw which is usually served at fast food restaurants.

The Hummingbird Cake?

Ooooohhhh....I loved the Hummingbird Cake! It is dense and moist, with the taste of bananas and spices, not too sweet at all. What I liked was that the spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) was not too strong, it was just right. I would definitely re-order this cake (plus the chocolate cake too hee..hee...)

Overall, I am happy with this Southern buttermilk fried chicken and will definitely reorder. But I'm afraid that I will skip the succotash and coleslaw.


  1. Very irresistible when it comes to fried chickens. I love it.

    Hummingbird cake sounds yummy.

    1. I know...simply cannot say no to it. LOL!

  2. I have my eyes on that hummingbird cake. Some bakers have a version called SangNas which is piSang naNas so is SangNas. I haven't tried that either. The fried chicken sounds so very tasty the way you described them. So which chicken is nicer, four fingers or this one? I must order non spicy then. Read your hou heong I also can smell the nice aroma of fried chicken. Yummy! 😋😋😋One day one day I will try but non spicy la. Thanks for the review.

    1. SangNas sound interesting. Can't compare 4Fingers and Soul Byrd since they are so different, each has its own merits. Yes, order non spicy because my tummy was on fire this morning. LOL!

  3. The hummingbird cake had me drooling. It looks soft, moist and tasty to eat. Wonder why is it named hummingbird?

    1. I am wondering too. It has bananas, pineapple and walnuts with cream cheese frosting. I think you will like it.

  4. Raising both hands and legs for the love for fried chicken, I can't resist too!
    The coating of the fried chicken looked really good, like very flavourful and crunchy.

    1. hah..hah...until raise legs! LOL! It is very good, lots of flavor but unfortunately due to delivery, some of the crunch was lost. Once dine-in is allowed, I will pay a visit and eat it fresh from the fryer!

  5. My girl too, loves fried chicken! She will not ask for it usually but if I buy some home from Colonel Sanders or Sugar Bun, you can see the happiness on her face and she would feast in it. Once in a while is all right, not too often. I would agree with your partner - great minds think alike. LOL!!!

    1. LOL! Well then, you know how to put a smile on your girl's face.

  6. the coating and the crispy skin are so tempting!

    1. Really good with strong flavors. I will go eat there once dine-in is allowed.

  7. Who doesn't love fried chicken....especially the crispy skin! ^.^ But that is a lot of fried chicken...and judging from the huge sizes of these babies, I think it'll take me at least 4 - 5 meals to finish all! :D Luckily you have a big tank (especially when you get no help from you know who), otherwise how to blog daily lah with so much food to finish. >_< Having said that, the batter coating looks very well done and super crunchy...and I would agree that the succotash & coleslaw don't look very attractive at all (I'd much rather eat your homemade coleslaw)! ;)

    1. hee..hee.. All that I had leftover was a thigh and one drumette still sitting in the fridge! Strangely when I ate the leftover succotash, I though it tasted rather nice, I could have missed the oil and seasonings which pooled at the bottom of the container when I ate it earlier. The batter coating is good, would be super crunchy if eaten at the restaurant (I can't wait once dine-in is allowed). Oh, thank you for the compliments on my homemade coleslaw, I bet you can make a mean one too!

  8. Hubby and I love fried chicken too. I am greedy too, I will want to order varieties to try. Can skip the vegetables and enjoy the cake. Now I am craving for fried chicken and the nearest one is KFC.

    1. Back in the good old days, it was only KFC and now we have so many other fried chicken to enjoy!


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