Sunday, 25 July 2021

Lockdown Day #55 : Bad Photography #2. See Already No Appetite. Tsk!

I was running through some of my older photo folders (since I am so free, right?) and I was reminded of my post Bad Photography #1. In that post I recalled my early blogging days.

Those days I published my posts with hideous cringe inducing photos. I had no choice because I did not have the right tools and I did not posses any knowledge on how to shoot a good photo.

OK. What is this? Looks like it has crystallized sugar all over it.

It's crystallized ginger, something I made to take part in the Little Thumbs Up blog hop event. It was through such blog hop events that I learnt new recipes and discovered new things such as this crystallized ginger.

Gawd... What on earth is that??

It's quite tasty in spite looking like a mess. That's Honey Ginger Chicken, a dish I attempted also for the same blog hop event. Geez... I should cook this again.

This one is a very ugly looking sandwich with a very delicious filling. 

It's a sandwich filled with Avocado Egg Salad. I have always loved avocado and eggs together. So creamy, so delicious, so nyum!

You can tell this one is a cake right? A chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache and studded with hazelnuts. At least that's still recognizable.

This here cake I tell you is Nigella Lawson's Nutella Cake. It's a delicious cake rendered visually unappetizing due to my brilliant photography skills.

I re-attempted this Nutella Cake two years later and there was no improvement in the photography hah..hah... I even managed to mess up the chocolate ganache. Haiz...

This is another classic example of me murdering another fantastic chocolate cake photographically speaking.

This Buttermilk Chocolate Cake with Chopped Pecans is truly decadent and I would like to bake it again and hopefully this time produce a better looking photo.

Good grief! Is that a Tiramisu? Oh yes, an ugly one.

It was from one of my earlier attempts at making Tiramisu, a dessert that I have made many many times. I did manage a much prettier Tiramisu earlier this year.

I did not have much luck with cheesecake either.

This Coconut Pandan Cheesecake has been in my all time favorites sidebar for the longest time in spite of it's Incredible Hulk look. It was for another Little Thumbs Up event with a  big thumbs down for my photography skills.

What is this? Can see pumpkin.

It's Chicken and Pumpkin with Taucheow, a recipe I adapted from my mum's Chicken with Yam. Come to think of it I have not cooked this dish in a long time. I can't even remember what it tastes like.

Alamak. This one looks like a proper disaster.

Ah! Another recipe of my mum's, visually murdered. Mummy's Ginger Chicken, a regular on my mum's menu when I was growing up. This dish never grows old.

And finally, let me gift you with this long lost photo of a chicken inadvertently looking like it is wearing a (black) bra.


  1. Don't we all bloggers have the same issue. You look at my old posts, definitely will faint one. I also want to faint. Haha.

    Haha. Lol on the last photo.

    1. LOL! The last photo I was trying to put the marinade under the skin and turn out like that :D

  2. No lah!!! Never judge by appearance. Some dishes are not photogenic. Our kacang ma chicken or daging masak hitam, just to name two. Big challenge trying to take nice snapshots of these dishes. Many use their canggih equipment to take nice photos like in recipe books...but not nice as far as the taste goes, what for?

    1. True, true, must not judge by looks.

  3. I am guilty of posting some bad photography food photos too. I laughed so loud at the last photo, maybe Mr Bean can make a joke out of it, lol.

  4. Hahahahaha, you do have a lot of time on your hand to go through your photos in your archive. It is the taste that matters, who cares how the dishes look like. Even if it looks good but taste not nice, I would not want to eat it. I have never eaten avocado with egg before. Must be super tasty by how you describe it.

  5. I cringe when I see the photos in my earlier blogposts...not that anything has changed since I'm still using the same phone, just that my camera phone setting wasn't set right when I first got the To sum it up, it started really teruk, then it got better and now I've gotten lazier where I just point & shoot (on my dining or buffet table), not bothering with any side 'props' like table cloth, foodstuff or any deco...hehe! ;) P/S: Perhaps some of the bad photos were due to failed recipes previously? One thing I did learn about taking photos of food cooked is that a dish that comes out in one colour doesn't turn out very well...that's why we have to think of various colours when presenting such a the dish but that's not always possible when we don't even have the simplest garnishes (like red chillies and green onions) in our fridge sometimes.

    1. hah..hah... I realized that putting props is quite a hassle so most of the time I don't bother. Some foods are more photogenic than others and it is true that garnishes make them pretty.

  6. I don't see any bad photography at all. I cannot even blog about food from Day 01. I need to take a crash course from you and EWEW on writing skills on what goes into my mouth. Your Crystallized Ginger and Avocado Egg Salad could turn me greedy at once at this hour.

    What a hilarious picture of chicken wearing black bra. You are creative and funny. Go on digging out and some chicken could be wearing bikini too. Hahahaha

    1. LOL! I was trying to push the marinade under the skin when I realized alamak, looks like bra!

  7. At least the spring onion flower garnishing was pretty, LOL
    What was that "black bra" actually?

  8. Haha the last picture!!! 🤣

    My picture photography also is not nice. Sometime I watch on youtube on techniques on how to take a decent one. But the thing is, it is still hard for me to take a nice one. Maybe it is my phone setting as well. But you know, actually no matter how it looks like on the photo, the most important thing is the taste.

    1. I agree lah. As long as sedap, it does not matter how it looks in the photo!


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