Thursday, 8 July 2021

EMCO Day #6 : Eat Coney

We are in lockdown, well not exactly a total lockdown because there are economic activities out there (essential services) and  my partner tells me that traffic and parking still looks like normal at Damansara Uptown when he went to the pharmacy to pick up some stuff.

Just a few moments ago there was a loud scream coming from Bandar Utama because madam saw that the figures for new infections today rose to 8,868. Pat pat lok pat. What the hell!!!!

Then another scream when seeing that Selangor recorded 4,152 new cases. Gosh. Why are our numbers going up and up? From the looks of it, even by month end, cannot kautim. Haiz...

Calm down. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Eat coney.

Well this A&W coney thing happened at lunch, hours before I broke into hysterics. 

I had to try the Boston Cheese Coney (even though I am generally afraid of cheese) and Chicago Tangy Coney since they are available for a limited time only.

This is the Boston Cheese Coney which somehow flipped inside the box.

I had to flip it over.

What a mess. The hot dog was covered with nacho cheese sauce, with diced onions and what is supposed to be crunchy chicken bits.

I was not put off by the cheese sauce as it was quite mild, not overtly cheesy at all.

But I thought it would be better with some chili sauce.

Next, the Chicago Tangy Coney.

The hot dog was slathered with ketchup, yellow mustard and topped with relish. The mustard is quite strong, so if you don't like mustard, then this coney is not for you. I usually like relish but not this one. Overall it was nice basically due to the tasty hot dog and fresh fluffy bun. 

I ordered only the coneys because I don't want the root beer and fries. I was sufficiently full and happy with my lunch.

This was yesterday's breakfast - overnight oats with chia seed, frozen blueberries, sliced bananas and a sprinkle of granola.

I had the same thing this morning.

Last night's dinner was a very delicious soup.

Served panas-panas in my Korean stone bowl.

Last evening both my girls revolted against me and they stubbornly refused to come inside. Belle Belle came in at first for her dinner and then sneaked out when I opened the door to call Girl. Girl sacrificed her dinner for a night out. I just let them be. No need to be angry.

This is Belle Belle this morning watching me pensively. Girl jumped onto the sofa and as I stroked her head, she kept licking my fingers. To say "sorry mommy I stayed out last night"? Let's see what happens tonight. Haiz.....


  1. Ha ha I was not the only one who screamed when I saw the figure especially when Perak peaked at 543! Pengsan lo! Don't understand, the more people get vaccinated, the higher the figure. Scary. Cheese Corney looks yummy. Your overnight oats look beautiful with all the toppings. Belle and Girl sound like teenagers, wanting to stay out overnight at their friends' place.

    1. LOL! Today even worse 9,180! As I understand it, more testing is being done and many new cases discovered, hence the peak. My two teenagers are a headache. LOL!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Someone obviously cannot understand that these two girls have been neutered aka spayed. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. I have tried both coney Boston and Chicago and find them decent enough though I still like the original beef coney the best. These two have two much sauce until I need to eat them with extra rainbow sprouted bread. Your breakfast is so tasty and healthy that I could eat it every day. Dinner also is my favourite napa cabbage in the soup especially if the cabbages are soft soft. Aiyo this Girl must be like Belle Belle is allowed to stay out, I also meow! Maow! So Girl want to eat dinner or stay out tonight?

    The figures I give up already. My friend just told me her parents both fully vaccinated with two doses - father 21 days after 2 doses pfizer, mother 18 days after two doses sinovac kena liao. The mother followed full sop but got it at the wet market. headache, fever, cough. Father no symptoms when tested +ve. Later develop fever and cough when quarantine at sungai buloh her father. Mother quarantine at maeps. Both are ok now after 7 days quarantine n released back home. Luckily they got two doses so their symptoms can be managed and no need icu. Now is just to get everyone jab two doses so that no need icu to save the health system from collapsing. Cannot see the numbers already cos got breakthrough cases for those fully jabbed like my friend's parents. Just get jabbed. People are tired already. Many wants to move about freely so if they can get away with it by putting it as Essential businesses and don't want to stay home kwai kwai, cannot hope for the numbers to go down la. Wet market wear two masks and wash hands and complete two jabs also can kena. No eyes see liao. See Belle Belle and Girl here is so much better. Thanks for writing about them and showing their photos. U can go try the Mee goreng since u stay in Bandar utama no need to cross state border like me or those staying in ttdi crossing over cos got Essential businesses and sun Bien go eat Mee goreng by tapao. One day I will be able to cross border n try the Mee goreng. Maybe next year! Lolx depending on sop. Stay safe!

    1. I like the A&W coney dog so any flavor pun I am OK. Janji must have chili sauce. LOL!

  4. I just had A&W again on yesterday....Guess what? it is Mozza Burger again! LOL! but this time i also had their spicy fried chicken and mashed potato (with the minced beef toppings)....I like them so much so i will order that again!

    1. hah..hah..hah... The Mozza Burger is good lah, I might order again!

  5. For someone who is generally afraid of cheese, I have to say you're very brave to order stuff with cheese to try. Danger must be your middle Mustard is already not for me (ketchup too)...but strong mustard...I run for the hills...hah..hah!

    When I hear your soup was served panas panas in your Korean bowl, I also want but still can't bring myself to buy one coz so expensive. Is that freshly cracked black pepper in your 'Chinese-y' soup? I want to try that coz I always put white pepper in Chinese soups (and black pepper in western soups).

    Aiyah, this Belle Belle is teaching her naughty habits to Girl (to stay out all night)...tsk, tsk. In a way, you're lucky you adopted two girls so they won't get into fights if left out for the night. If it was my Cookie, he would have been clobbered (by other males) by morning! >_<

    1. The cheese sauce is not strong unlike the KFC cheese sauce (for the cheesy wedges) which I cannot tahan. Whatever it is, just drown it in chili sauce. LOL!

      Yes, I put freshly cracked black pepper because I love it!

      Belle Belle will make dunno when it is time to come inside and I have to carry her in. Girl will come most of the time when I call her except for this and a few other occasions. I feel frustrated sometimes. Like a parent hah...hah...

  6. You must understand CAT sometime need to sharpen their skill of catching mouse, there can't do it in the house therefore they need to stay out a night to practice the skill. I once scolded the cat at my mum house saying that she catch any mouse anymore, the next morning I saw a mouse head in her meal bowl ....hahaha

  7. I scream! I scream! It is 9180 today! You heard one uncle scream from TTDI.

    Your overnight oats looked very delicious and healthy with the granola, fruits and bananas! Long time I have not made them as my wife has lost interest. I want to make again for myself.

    The Coney Dog is sure messy when ordered through delivery. Just close my eyes and I could still enjoy it. The cheese is a lot. Sure yummilicious.

    1. I heard you! LOL! I didn't scream today because I give up liao.

      At one time I also lost interest but I am now back on the overnight oats trail. It is so sedap!

      Generally speaking I like A&W coney dogs so I enjoyed these two as well.


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