Saturday, 3 July 2021

EMCO Day #1 : Bread Makes Me Happy

After a very good experience with Bengbeng Sourdough, I placed another order.

This time I got me the Sourdough Country Loaf, Sourdough Ciabatta and Sourdough Baguette.

This time, the box was torn. I was worried if it would affect the contents but to my relief, no.

Everything was intact.

I received this order on 30-06-2021.

There was an instruction pasted on the box on how to best enjoy the bakes.

These are the Sourdough CiabattaVery crusty and will be nice for a toasted sandwich.

Then there's the Sourdough Baguette

Both loaves wrapped in cling wrap.

I removed the cling wrap and cut each baguette into two and placed them into freezer bags. Yup, they were fresh and moist.

These together with the ciabatta were put into a plastic box and stored in the freezer.

Then I had to deal with the Sourdough Country Loaf.

I removed the paper wrapper.

Oh! What a beauty! So fresh, spongy and moist.

I had the loaf sliced for storage.

Two slices per freezer bag and all went into a plastic box to be stored in the freezer.

All I need to do when I want to eat the bread is to either defrost in the fridge overnight or simply place them on the dining table at room temperature for say, 10 minutes. I could either eat them plain or toasted (in the air fryer).

I have been enjoying the bread with cheese. I simply place two slices of cheese between two slices of the sourdough bread and toast the sandwich in the air fryer for about 6 minutes at 200C.

Most times I don't even bother to toast the bread. I enjoy it plain like that with my fried eggs and baked beans. I love the chewy texture.

So far I am very pleased with the freshness and quality of the sourdough breads from Bengbeng Sourdough. They come fresh and delivered within 3 days from the date of order. This is what I observed :

Day #0 : Place order and make payment
Day #1 : The order is processed
Day #2 : The bread is baked and dispatched via GD Express on the same day.
Day #3 : The order is delivered

Except on Thursdays, the order is processed only on Saturday (and you will receive your order the following Monday).

You might be wondering why I order sourdough bread all the way from Kelantan and not from nearby bakeries. Well, that's because I know that the bread is made to order and I get my bread fresh. Nope, I am not sponsored and I am just sharing a good thing.

As you can see, I am eating carbs. In moderation. Carbs don't make you fat. Overeating does!


  1. How do you eat sourdough bread? Like in your photos, like any other bread? Those baguette would be great for banh mi!!!

    1. Sourdough may aid blood sugar management and reduce the risk of heart disease. We can only get it here at my regular bakery on Tuesdays. Gotta do that next week!

    2. Five states moving to Phase Two tomorrow. Hopefully that will be an incentive to the other states to bring down the daily total.

    3. I eat the sourdough bread just like any other bread. I love the chewy texture and it is very filling. Oh yes, the baguette does remind me of bahn mi!

    4. Hopefully the situation in Selangor/KL improve after the EMCO. I'd really like to get back to normal again!

  2. Bread makes me happy too! Good that you are supporting them all the way from bandar utama. The bread looks so delicious! I wanna eat eat eat them! You are absolutely right, overeating is the culprit, not the bread. 👍

    1. I am enjoying the sourdough bread and I love the chewiness. It's very filling too, so I don't overeat!

  3. All three types look good and fresh. I must check out our bakeries to see if I can find sourdough bread.

    1. I understand that there is a Yin's Sourdough Cafe in Ipoh. Perhaps you can check that out and but your sourdough bread from there.

  4. I will enjoy the country loaf (like me only as my family also don't like sourdough). I can't also freeze them as my (small) freezer space is taken up to store all those meat & frozen food (for our cook-ins). The baguette will be great for garlic bread...yum. Since you like sourdough bread so much, aren't there any here that meets your approval? Then you won't have to order from so far. I read about a few good ones here but can't remember the names now. There's one in Uptown itself...Yin's Sourdough...have you tried that one? If you read their 'sob' message on their FB, you might want to lend them some support since they're near you.

    1. I have bought pastries from them before and unfortunately for me, those available that day were stale >.< which gave me an unfavorable impression. But I am willing to give them another try since I have not bought their sourdough breads yet.

  5. Wow! You really ordered a lot and they all looked beautifully baked. Like you , I prefer to leave them at room temperature to defrost from the fridge. The chewy texture is the best part.

    1. I bought more so that I can enjoy the breads over many, many days. My lahling tried one slice today with peanut butter and he seems to approve.

  6. Thanks for the tips on how to store bread and I recently got some bagels and sourdough bread from a homebaker based at TTDI, introduced by my friend. You can have a try too, search for @mr.bagelby53ttdi in Instagram.


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