Tuesday, 23 August 2022

30 Day Carnivore Challange : Day #23

Today I totally terlupa to take photo of my lunch. It wasn't anything exciting anyway, just a plain onion omelette.

Before lunch, I went to The Starling to look for a new shower set. My existing (el cheapo) one dropped from the holder and broke - the connecter and shower head were ruined.

The mooncake mood is on at the mall but as of right now, quite somber. Perhaps it is still early and most people will go get theirs when it is closer to the date.

These mooncake kiosks are at the concourse, so many brands and so many attractive packaging.

This one is Hong Kong Bae Bay.

Then I saw lanterns.

That sure brought back childhood memories!

When I was a kid, I lived with my grandparents and I remember carrying a lantern around the neighborhood with my cousins and the other kids.

It is pretty quiet since it is a weekday. I am sure it will be different Saturday and Sunday.

This is the Tai Thong kiosk, right in front of Kam Kee Cafe. I think they also have another one at the basement right outside Jaya Grocer.

Then I saw this Hock Wong Disney Mooncake. So I kepoh-kepoh snap photo and the guy told me the kiosk will be there until 10th September. So I am helping him spread the news lah.

hee..hee.. so cute the packaging! This would be nice for your friends who have very young children. Maybe your own kids might pester you to buy this for them.

Not cheap as you are also paying for the packaging. Anything cute does not come cheap.

They also have the 6 pieces set.

This price can buy me one Wagyu steak wahahaha!!!

The packaging looks like a treasure chest. So if anybody is interested, this kiosk is right in front of Nando's. As for me, no mooncakes, at least not this year.

What's for dinner? Something very robust but not the beef tendon soup.

Somehow the steak was well done even though I cooked it in the air fryer at 200C for 4 minutes per side. I wonder why not consistent like before.

But it was still good and that is all that mattered.


  1. With that butter, you will feel satisfied and full. Eggs for me are always yummy except for runny yolks. This year, I am only eating budget red bean mooncakes. Lolx! 😆 Thanks for showing all the beautiful packaging for mooncakes.

    1. I actually got hungry later. Haiz! LOL!

  2. I loved Tai Thong! They used to have the low sugar range. "Autumn Nostaligia"! Nice name...and that's a nice shade of green. Not into snow skin though - I'd stick to the traditional pastry, lotus single yolk.

    1. I used to love the pandan flavor and the one with ham and nuts.

  3. I haven't taste mooncake yet this year. Haven't decide whether to have or not. Not cheap though.

  4. I wanted to buy the mooncake with nuts, at least one for myself. But the man who used to sell the mooncakes in front of the mini market is no longer there. Hope he is alright and well.

    1. Maybe he is selling at another location? I hope he is all right too. Last year, I told myself that I will buy only the ones with nuts but it looks like I won't be buying any.

  5. The mooncake flavours of the 1st photo attracted me, btw, I don't like traditional mooncake filling such as lotus paste, so those novelty ones always can catch my attention.

    1. Between red bean and lotus paste, I prefer lotus paste.