Friday 26 August 2022

30 Day Carnivore Challenge : Day #26

I had pork chops for lunch today and they were so delicious. I was quite hungry in spite of yesterday's very heavy dinner.

Last night both my girls stayed out. In fact Belle Belle was nowhere to be seen when I returned home from work. Girl ate only a little bit of her dinner and was in a hurry to rush outside again. So I let her be.

Before retiring upstairs, I opened the front door at least three times, just in case Belle Belle was home or Girl wanted to come in. But nope. Not a soul was outside, so I went upstairs.

This morning both girls came home and ate their breakfast. Belle Belle stayed for a while and then went outside. Girl however chose to stay home. So I left her alone and went about my chores.

Next thing I knew, she was snoozing away.

Tired, ah?

I wonder what she was up to last night and every night that she was out.

She has not settled onto this armchair for a very long time.

She wasn't even aware that I was snapping her photo.

How I wish I could sleep as soundly as she does.

I was sitting downstairs while waiting for my meat delivery. After my gentle complaint, Feast Market delivered at 10am. However, Sanbanto's (not their fault) delivery was frustrating. Upon checking the delivery status, it appeared that the delivery was "on the way" for the last one hour.

So I texted Sanbanto. After waiting until 11:45am, I got a call telling me that the rider had already delivered (!!!). The rider even claimed that he called me, even though I did not receive any call and no missed call was registered on my phone.

Apparently the rider had put the delivery inside my box outside without even ringing the doorbell to alert me. In fact after I collected the delivery I went to check the delivery status on the website and the delivery status was still "delivering" and ETA was past 12:00pm.

I think the rider is  someone who is inexperienced (with no common sense). Next time, I will even have to leave instruction to "please ring doorbell" upon delivering. I encounter this sort of behavior quite frequently even among graduates. No common sense. No initiative. I think the human brain is degenerating. I am sorry if I offend anyone.

Girl woke up by then and to de-stress, I kacau-kacau her a little bit. 



She didn't actually bite me, just acah-acah only. So don't worry.

Tonight's dinner. Sup lembu again. Ah, yes I tested the fried shallots in oil. I let it stand at room temperature since late morning.

Lo and behold! The fried shallots were still crispy in spite of being soaked in oil.

That's what refrigeration does I suppose. If cookies and chips can stay crispy in the fridge, so can fried shallots.

It is Belle Belle's turn to be the sleepy head this evening. Night Belle!


  1. Ah, Girl is so cute when sleeping soundly. I think the new delivery people may not know how to update the status when they have made the delivery. Don't know the workflow. Lucky that they deliver to the correct house.

    1. Yup, I hope that the delivery guy learns the proper protocol so as not to cause inconvenience to customers.

  2. Thank goodness I don't have to order food delivery. If it is anything like that here, I'd be all stressed out!!!

    1. Yes, it can be stressful and can make you angry at times. LOL!

  3. Wah! Girl was so soundly asleep. She must be dead tired after being out whole night. Both Belle and Girl big girls now, no longer need any curfew hours. When I am really tired, I will sleep well too. I even snore, that's what hubby told me. Lol!

    1. My partner tells me the same. Your snorted like a pig, he said. LOL!

  4. Your Girl sure so tired. Party all night long?? Lol.

    My hubby would be eyeing your sup lembu!! Haha

    1. LOL! Yeah, she must have partied with the neighborhood cats. Oh, your hubby likes sup lembu hee,.hee..

  5. I've had Shopee deliveries left at my gate without alerting me either (by ringing the door bell). I think when the riders have too many deliveries, they rush through them and forget to update the status in the system. But yours being perishable food, the delivery guy should know better than to leave it out in the sun. Luckily you checked in the nick of time, otherwise your meat could have been compromised. >.<

    1. Yes, my meat would have defrosted and gone bad. I was quite angry but at least my order was still frozen when I checked.