Saturday, 27 August 2022

30 Day Carnivore Challenge : Day #27

I thought that I might do an OMAD today but I decided against it. I most likely have to stay late at the office owing to a pending statutory submission that has to be done latest by end of this month.

So it is best for me to settle my tummy and not have to deal with dinner.

What to eat, eh?

The uncle was at the BKT stall today and I had a bit of fun with him. I ordered the Big Bone and Big Intestine. No rice.

Then my buzzer went off. I saw him putting two plates of rice on the tray and I immediately pipped up "I don't want rice". We were both blur sotong and then Uncle told me "This is not yours". 

But my buzzer did go off, and not wanting to point out that he had activated the incorrect buzzer, I went back to my seat. When my order was ready, I saw the Big Bone and a plate of rice. Uncle asked for my receipt (somehow I had a sixth sense that I may need my receipt) which I kept neatly in my pocket.

Oh! Uncle had keyed-in Big Bone and Shallot Rice and I was not paying attention then. He suspected something was amiss when I said I did not want rice when I went to collect the incorrect order.

So he had to generate another sale for the Big Intestine. He asked me a couple of times if I was sure I did not want rice. So I had to tell him "I don't eat rice" hah..hah... He looked at me funny. Where got people eat BKT without rice, ah? He will get used to me.

Then I gently reminded him that he had charged me RM2.50 for the shallot rice and he gave me a refund.

In true caveman or rather, cavewoman style, this was my meal.

Look at that. 

It reminded me of Fred Flintstone's Brontosaurus Steak hee...hee...hee....

The Big Intestines were well prepared and very clean. Somehow today the BKT broth tasted more agreeable. Perhaps I have acquired a taste for it?

As I was enjoying my lunch, I looked around to see how the other stalls were faring.

Pho Real is still going strong.

Things were very quiet at their vegetarian neighbor's side.

It was also very quiet at Wishbone Fried Chicken and Warung Sizzling.

Meanwhile, there was quite a din coming from one of the shops outside the foodcourt.

By that time, this ...

... was reduced to this ...

I could have done a better job cleaning up the bone had I eaten this in the privacy of my home.

So I left to investigate what was going on at the noisy shop.

It was the grand opening of Beauty Extreme, a place where you ladies (or these days even gentlemen also can) can come to rearrange your face and body. This might be a good time to visit because they usually have all these grand opening discounts to attract customers.

It was quite a noisy affair with drums clanging and all. You know lah. These Chinese people will engage the Lion Dance troupe to dong dong chiang their premises to usher good luck and prosperity and to draw more business to their enterprise.

Alas, the event ended and I saw the lion heading to the carpark. Bye!

So that's my Saturday and I am publishing this post earlier since there will be no dinner. I hope I don't have to stay too late at the office.


  1. That big bone is wow! Must be so satisfying gnawing on the big bone. Lolx! 🤣😂🤣😂I like the look of the many layers intestine. Very nice. It is the normal intestine stuffed many layers. Not those big intestines that are thick which are usually deep fried.

    1. Indeed it is wow! I wish I could gnaw on the bone hah..hah...

  2. I thought that was pig's tail. That is very nice too! My! My! The big bone looked gorgeous!!!

  3. That big bone porky drumstick is cavewoman style alright! ;) I don't eat that but you like this like you like lamb shank or pork knuckle. Go get yourself a tomahawk and you'll indeed be eating like a :D

    1. Ohh...please don't tempt me because I have been eyeing tomahawks but I am not sure if I can cook it properly hah..hah..

  4. I'm another one who eat BKT without rice. :P