Monday, 29 August 2022

30 Day Carnivore Challenge : Day #29

Last Sunday I attempted  a food prep for the coming week.

It has been ages since I food prepped and I thought it might be helpful if I could just reheat the meals either for lunch or dinner. Besides, meat is very suitable for reheating.

So I made a meatloaf with hard boiled eggs embedded in the mix.

I used ground beef and pork, seasoned with onion and garlic powder, light soy sauce, pepper and one egg to act as a binder. In the past I would have added a fair amount of corn flour or even mashed potatoes to bind and give the meat some moisture.

Forty minutes later, this came out.

Once fully cooled, I removed the meatloaf from the pan and sliced.

The meat seems quite firm and it might be a bit dry. I haven't even tasted it yet. 

I also prepped a bunch of bacon.

I did not bring my prepped food to the office because I was certain that I would not need lunch. Last night's grand meal filled me up so well.

I took this photo last Thursday.

This cute food truck was parked right outside RHB Bank.

They sell rice bowls and oden. Oden seems to be popular as I often see people eating it at Family Mart. I'm afraid I am not a fan, haven't tried, but I do not like the smell. Besides, oden is full of processed meats, something which I actively avoid.

Then I came across this new coffee shop which is right behind Public Bank

The print on the menu is very small.

It seems rather quiet when I walked past.

Guess what?

Seng Kee Chicken Rice sudah tutup shop.

In its place is Addict Chicken Rice.

I will have to check them out one of these days by tapau-ing the chicken to see if it is any good.

Then I came across these bikes (?). I wanted to take a photo but was photo bombed by the auntie who stood there for the longest time.

So this auntie walked over closer so that she was out of frame.

I spotted another cat at the pet shop. This one looks very grumpy.

Pho Vietz @ The Starling is getting a neighbor soon (previously Nam Heong).

The Barn, opening December 2022. Should be interesting.

I am publishing today's post early because I expect to stay late at the office. Last Saturday I left the office around 8:00pm and it might be the same today. 

My dinner if at all I eat at home will be this.


  1. The food truck looks interesting while that coffee shop seems kind of pathetic, so dead! The chicken rice shop sign looks like Baoril, the Chinese attempt at imitating Bovril - review in my blog coming up real soon!

    1. Indeed that coffee shop looks doomed. It is located at a very dead part of Damansara Utama.

  2. Your meatloaf with boiled eggs inside look very good. The blue shop is way too blue for me. If I eat in there I might get the blues. Lolx! I wonder why Nam Heong moved away from Starling mall. Is the rent too high?

    1. LOL! I thought the blue color is quite nice. I reckon Nam Heong did not do well at The Starling. I have tasted the food and never went back.

  3. I'm also not a fan of oden especially those fish-cake like processed items (they're tasteless). If you're actively avoiding processed meat, then you need to find other alternatives for your bacon, sausages & ham in your carnivore diet. ^_~ I can understand that they're easy to prep/cook but you'll end up eating processed meat almost daily in the long run if you continue with this carnivore diet.

    1. At least bacon and ham are made with real meat. As for sausages, I have to watch out for those that contain fillers. I try not to eat these too often.

  4. Your meatloaf did look dry, but I think would be better if paired with some sauce (if your're not on carnivore diet).
    The only ingredient I fancy for Oden is the simmered till soft white radish.

    1. It is dry especially when reheated >.< I have to adjust the recipe.

  5. Meatloaf looks nice with the egg in the center. With the bright red lanterns, you can never miss the food truck.

    1. Yes, this food truck will attract attention very easily,

  6. Wow. First pic is so pretty. Can't help but feel happy seeing that cheery yellow yolk.