Saturday, 20 August 2022

30 Day Carnivore Challenge : Day #20

Carnivore food is rarely  photogenic. That ugly looking mess up there was today's lunch.

I cooked a (el cheapo) sirloin steak this morning in the air fryer.

I also had some leftover pork chops from last evening. I reheated the leftovers in the air fryer using residual heat after cooking the steak.

I just simply packed everything in one container.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the sirloin was disappointing because it was very tough. The pork chops however were a life saver.

Guess what? Today my lahling declared that he wants to try carnivore. He sent me this photo of his lunch.

He got some chicken and siew yoke from a chicken rice stall. No rice. Well, well! I doubt if my lahling will keep this up because the man is very attached to his carbs, he is very much a rice man. But still, nice attempt!

This here is Belle Belle stalking her daddy (a few weeks ago) when he was having dinner. 

Mind you, I already fed her.

She was hoping for daddy to share some with her.

Will daddy cave in to those big beautiful eyes?

What Belle Belle?

As expected, daddy picked some food for her. Aiya...I just mopped the floor that morning hah..hah..hah... Never mind lah.

My girls are sort of resigned to lepak-lepak outside the room.

Maybe this is the reason they now prefer to hangout outside? They miss the comfort of their room?

What say you Belle?

Tonight's dinner will be a ribeye. No need photo lah since you have seen my ribeye so many times already. See you tomorrow!


  1. Hahahaha Belle Belle gets snacks from her beloved daddy. Oh, one lunch with no rice just meat. I thought he wants to do 30 days challenge with you together. Lolx! I for one cannot do 30 days all meat challenge because I eat very little meat usually and I love my desserts. You are doing well in your challenge. Yay!

    1. LOL! I think my lahling is doing it for just one day. But I would be happy if he joined me. Belle Belle is daddy's favorite hah..hah...

  2. Looking at Belle's body, it does seem to have put on weight. Very round.

  3. Belle knows her daddy will give in to her. Both Girl and Belle found good home with doting mommy and daddy.

    1. hah..hah...Belle know how to butter up her daddy!

  4. I like to reheat food using my AF too, very convenient.
    I think you lahling only can carnivore diet for......1 day? LOL

    1. LOL! Ya lah, he cannot tahan without rice!