Wednesday 31 August 2022

Confessions Of A Malaysian Carnivore

So. I posted my 30 Day Carnivore Challenge since 01-08-2022 which ended 30-08-2022. And now I must confess.

I have been carnivore (well carnivore-ish) for a lot longer than that. It was not my intention to deceive anyone, not at all. I was just uncertain what the response and reactions would be.

You, my readers, especially those of you who drop me comments have been very supportive and kind. I did not once receive a negative remark. So, thank you.

My carnivore journey actually started 01-05-2022. Although it was a much more lenient form of carnivore. For example, I ate the last box of mutton varuval in the freezer (no rice, obviously), I ate nuts, occasionally I ordered burgers but discarded the buns, that sort of thing.

Simply put, the major thing that I completely cut off from my diet was carbohydrates - rice, noodles, pasta, ice-cream, pastries, sugar and fruits. 

Now, you will ask me, hey what about vegetables? Yes, I also eliminated vegetables save for some herbs and onions/garlic, simply in keeping with the spirit of carnivore. 

Have I suffered any ill effects from eating primarily protein and fats? No, not at all. As a matter of fact I am functioning at a much higher level than I have ever had my whole life. 

Whilst I am not here to promote the carnivore diet, I can only suggest that if you have any unresolved health issues, you may want to consider this way of eating. I shall share the very encouraging results and what the carnivore way of eating has done for me.

I went into this diet initially for 30 days (out of curiosity and fun) but 30 days turned into 60 and 60 days turned into 90 and 90 days turned into 120 and counting.

After four months on a carnivore diet, these are the good things that happened to me.

1. Weight Loss and Body Recomposition
During the 2020 MCO, I put on a total of 8kg. Not surprising since I did not observe MCO (Mouth Control Order) and if you followed my MCO journey, you would know what I ate. Yup, carbs, loads of carbs.

I remember my brother upon seeing me at my gate (I was wearing a sarong berkemban style because he dropped in while I was in the shower) remarked "Aiyo! Your arm so fat!". Well, I forgive him. He meant no harm, just stating a fact.

Although I tried to get back on track, that MCO weight stuck to me right up to before I started my carnivore journey.

As of today, I lost a total of 6kg and my waist decreased by 8cm. All this without even trying ie no crazy exercises and no food restriction. I can eat until I am full and satiated.

I have more muscle mass to fat ratio now and though I may not have lost all the 8kg that I gained, I am more muscular and well toned.

2. Mental Clarity
This is probably the most amazing change that I experienced. I used to have mental fog and sometimes I couldn't think clearly when I am at work. When urgent matters arise, I can't think straight (I feel like I am going berserk) and I tend to panic.

Even at home, there were many instances when I looked at dirty dishes in my sink and counter tops (when food prepping or cooking) and my brain just goes crazy.

I would feel very, what in Hokkien we say, luan. The depression amplifies and I wished I could just abort my cooking plans and walk away from it all.

Two months into carnivore, the world looks brighter and everything is crisp and clear.

My brain is very focused and sharp and I can manage complex and urgent matters with ease and without panicking. I am motivated and nothing drags me down anymore.

3. Depression and Anxiety Gone
This has relevance to mental clarity. I may have mentioned that I suffered from depression ever since I was a child. In my adulthood, it never really got better, I just had good days and bad days.

Every Sunday, at around 2pm onward, dark clouds would gather above my head. Why? Because tomorrow is Monday (a school or work day). The depression and anxiety builds up and God forbid if there was a test/exam or meeting set up on Monday. My mind would be tortured to no end.

Two months in, one Sunday I realized that hey, I am feeling good! I wasn't depressed, I was in fact in a very good mood! It has been like this ever since with no reported incidence of depression on Sundays or any other day. 

This to me is a miracle.

4. Boundless Energy and Increased Strength
Now where do I begin? Every Sunday, my partner and I go to Taman Botani for our weekly morning walk. We started this back in 2020 and we resumed in 2021 after the MCO.

All this time, I do all right when we walk on flat surface but when it comes to walking up any elevation, that is where I fail. I found it tough - my legs would be burning, my heart pounding in my chest, I would be out of breath and at times even felt light headed and dizzy.

At about the end of the first month, I noticed a change in my stamina. I was stronger and did not have to struggle as hard as I previously did.

Then by the middle of the second month, wow, walking up the slope was a breeze! I felt light, my legs no longer hurt and my heart rate and breathing was steady.

Also, I used to feel really pooped by the end of our one hour walk and back home, I would get really sleepy by 6pm. But now, my energy level is high and steady and I no longer feel tired after the walk.

Even at work, I am not tired at all, I can last up till the afternoon. Of course if it is a particularly stressful day (like yesterday when the LHDN website servers were super jammed up) then of course I would feel fatigue. Other than that, I am all good right up to bedtime.

I am now so alive and awake!

5. Better Sleep Quality
I have never been able to maintain good sleep. It is very rare that I wake up and feel awake. Majority of the time I still feel groggy and wished that I could continue sleeping.

This took almost three months to resolve. I began sleeping better but my sleep improved even further when I tried a technique called Mouth Taping. Yes, it is basically that - you tape your mouth shut when you sleep.

The idea behind this is to prevent you from breathing through your mouth when you are asleep. Breathing through the mouth results in lack of oxygen to the brain and also causes snoring. 

Since my partner complained remarked that I sometimes snort like a pig, I decided to tape my mouth. I went to the pharmacy and bought a micropore. Micropores are  tapes that are used to keep  surgical dressings in place, so it is gentle on the skin.

I just take a strip and tape my mouth vertically, ie from under my nose to my chin. Sure it felt weird at first but with that, I slept so well and I did not even wake up to go to the loo.

6. Hair
I have white hair, like the nenek kebayan. My hair started turning white when I was in my late 20's pretty much like both my parents.

So I have been dying my hair to cover the whites so that I don't look so ancient (so vain pulak). Lately, I would say about 3.5 months into carnivore, I noticed that the baby hairs growing along my hairline are black! I could't believe my eyes and I dug into my scalp and lo and behold some of the new hairs growing on my scalp are also black. Wow!

I don't expect my hair to turn 100% black but this phenomenon is rather remarkable.

7. No More Food Cravings
In the past, after my meals (usually dinner at home), I would want to munch on something - snacks like cookies or peanuts or chips. Somehow the mouth and stomach want more.

But on carnivore, I don't experience that. I eat to satiety and once I am filled up with protein and fats, I really don't want anything else.

As a matter of fact, I can now walk into a bakery, take a deep breath and not once am tempted to buy anything. It is deeply ingrained in me now that carbohydrate is not my friend.

8. Good Mood
These days I am happy. I feel calm and collected. My mood is steady throughout the day and I no longer experience ups and downs.

My partner noticed my disposition and he commented that I am so cheerful and joy is reflected on my face. What a nice compliment! 

I guess, there is no (or very little) sugar in my blood to cause glucose spikes which can affect mood and energy.

9. No More Bloating
Bloating and gas is now a distant memory. This stopped immediately after I eliminated carbohydrates and vegetables/fruits.

All is calm on the western or rather the southern front. I am no longer a major contributor to the world methane emission if you get the drift. No more smelly farts!! wahahahaha!!!

10. Restoration of Female Function (Ahem!)
I saved the best for last. This is a very delicate issue. But it has to be talked about. I am post menopausal and with that, I lost my libido and sexual function. I wasn't interested anymore in doing you-know-what and I was dry in my you-know-where.

This was something that I never thought about and never looked to heal from. I mean, there are so many more important things in life, right?

Well, what do you know, 3.5 months into carnivore, I noticed a change in me. Long story short, I am now functioning like a 25 year old woman again. That's right, my karipap is in business again and my lahling is VERY pleased.

So now you ask me, eh, how do you go to the toilet without eating vegetables?

I shall solve the mystery for you. Carnivores don't go to the toilet as often as omnivores or vegetarians. Why? Because proteins are very efficiently digested and absorbed and there is hardly any residue left.

And to prove that that is true, I will have to give you too much information. So here goes nothing.

I have mentioned coffee enema here and this is something I have been doing since 2006. You might get freaked out but I don't care. I do me, you do you.

So after an enema, when you release the enema, solid waste will be released as well. Well, I noticed I hardly pass out much solids, in fact on certain days, there are no or very little solids at all. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that on a meat only diet, there is not much waste produced.

Now you ask me, where am I headed? I will not go back to a regular diet anymore and no, I won't say that I will never eat carbohydrates again. I will reserve them for the once in a blue moon occasion. I will tell you why.  That's a story for another day.


  1. Congratulations to you! I am still reading at this hour 2 rounds to convince myself that my heavy Korean BBQ dinner tonight was the right thing to do. As advised to eat very low fiber diet for my health issues, I think I should embark into full time carnivore diet if possible since you shared 1001 goodness! Even your fat arms gone and weight dropped until you became a cheerful 25 years old with black hair again. So many miracles to convince everyone! Hip Hip Hooray! Merdeka!

    1. Thank you! If you like to read and have the time, try to get this book - Ravenous written by Sam Apple. It is a fairly new publication and it is the story of Otto Warburg, a brilliant Jewish scientist who escaped German persecution because he agreed to do cancer research for the Nazis. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells are very hungry cells (hence the title of the book Ravenous) and their favorite food is glucose. Without glucose, cancer cells die. The video I shared with you - the interview with Dr Thomas Seyfried, a professor of Boston College, discusses this phenomenon and he acknowledges that Otto Warburg was right all along.

    2. Thank you!!! I am seriously putting thoughts to this now on glucose free diet from time to time. I must admit that the relapsed had given me terrible phobia for life!

  2. Great that it has worked out so well for you!!! Keep it up!!!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I really appreciate it.

  3. Bravo!! You make it to 30 days. I am impressive!! Your post title sounds like a book title. Maybe you could write a book on being a carnivore.

    1. hah..hah...ya it sounds like a book title!

  4. Thank you for sharing all experience including the intimate ones. Now I am very interested in eating this way. Hhmmmm, shall see. Thanks again. 👍

    1. I had to share so that others will know what a change in diet, particularly the elimination of carbohydrates and processed carbohydrates/junk food can do to for our health.

  5. Wow! You accomplished not 30 days carnivore challenge but 120 days and still counting! Keep it up since it works so well for you. Very impressive with your positive confession of being a carnivore.

    1. Thank you! This is how I will move forward from now on.

  6. Whoa, that's too much intimate sharing...but some your readers would be glad for ALL the details. I'm happy for you that the carnivore diet has worked out so well for you. Since it had been so successful for you, your lahling should be more than convinced to join you (and abandon his carbs)!

    This is the first time I heard about your coffee enema practice (since I had not been your reader when you first wrote about it). If it was supposed to make you less lethargic, why are you still feeling so and need the carnivore diet to give you more energy?

    I guess there's only one thing left to do....go for a yearly medical check-up to make sure you're on the right track (just to be safe) since you're going to do this long term. There's nothing more convincing than a medical report to prove that you're medically fit and that this carnivore diet has its benefits. I believe this diet is meant for people with no pre-existing medical condition like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and such (coz those who have should seek a doctor's advice before embarking on such a diet). So, if your medical report shows no elevated levels of anything (assuming you don't have any pre-existing medical condition), then all is well. All the best as you embark on this diet for the long haul. I wonder how long is this once in a blue moon occasion to eat carbs (or how long you can tahan)? Wakakakaka! :D P/S Going forward, I know of two who would be very pleased with your decision....Feast Market & Sanbanto! Wuahahahaha!!

    1. Thank you! It would be a miracle if my lahling can separate from carbs. He loves rice too much and tells me he is not full if he doesn't eat rice. Sound familar? LOL!

      So ok, the coffee enema gave me energy but this energy does not last. It is actually "artificial" in a sense that if I do it, I get the energy and if I don't I'd feel lethargic. It also does not last the whole day unlike the energy I am getting from eating proper food. But I still do it because I like the "clean" feeling that I feel afterwards.

      I intend to go for a CAC score test at the end of the year. The carnivore diet has helped many people resolve their medical issues like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, mental issues, auto-immune disease etc. But good luck finding an doctor in Malaysia who is supportive of this diet. LOL!

      Oh yah, Sanbanto and Feast Market and profiting from this. LOL!

    2. I also love rice too much. I think Penang Lang are all "bee thang"....

    3. hah..hah..hah..."bee thang" !!! That's a funny phrase!

  7. That is really impressive! I am curious, though, as to how you get fibre in a carnivore diet?

  8. Congratulation ! Hopefully we can release ourselves from the word "Balancing Diet" .....and try something new , hopefully we can overcome our perception of wonderful words of "Balancing......." then we may find the whole new world in front of us! ha ha ha ! hopefully!

    1. Thank you! This is so not balanced hah..hah...hah...

  9. That's a very impressive sharing of the benefits you gained from your months of carnivore diet! I must say you have the strongest determination which make you totally stop all your carbo and sweet stuffs!

    1. Now that I have gained so many health benefits, I will stick to this way of waiting. I will save carbohydrates for very rare special occasions only.