Saturday, 19 November 2022

PH Goes to The Polls 2022 (GE 15)

Lega rasanya! I cast my vote today at around 8:15am woohoo!! There was some anxiety when I woke up at 4:00am because it was raining.

Alamak! I was worried. My lahling went back to Penang to vote and if he was around, I would not need to worry. Got drebar hah...hah...

At around 5:00am the rain got heavier. Oh dear dear. But I told myself even if it rained cats and dogs, ribut taufan or what, mati-mati I will go out and vote! Kita Boleh! heh..heh...

But first, breakfast! Must eat lah so that I won't be hypoglycemic while queuing up at the voting center.

Soft boiled eggs.

After I ngap my eggs, it was past 6:00am, and the rain started to taper off. At 7:00am the rain stopped so I left my house for the polling station. Wah! bersemangat this auntie!

I did not take any photos along the way because this is the same route I took in 2018. I arrived at the polling station (a secondary school in Bandar Utama) at 7:20am and was directed to my voting stream. It was on the third floor of the building and there was already a queue when I got there.

Before I knew it, I was all done casting my vote and I was very happy. So I made my trek home.

There were many cars parked along the road.

It was drizzling lightly.

I brought along an umbrella so I was not worried.

I had to walk carefully because the sidewalk was wet and slippery.

Please, ah. Don't rain until I reach home. In my prayers this morning, I asked for God's grace to grant good weather until Sunday morning.

Aiyo, so tired. But when I saw these Yellow Bells as I was approaching home, I felt refreshed. This plant is poisonous and in the words of my late uncle "this one can eat the goat".

Then I saw this majestic looking creeper with purple bell-like flowers.

Oh! So pretty.

To plant creepers is a lot of work because you have to install a scaffolding for the plant to climb. Then you have to maintain the plant to ensure that it is neat or else it will become over grown and messy.

When I got home, my brother sent me this photo of his finger.

A few hours later, I prepared lunch. I found a can of Lotte luncheon meat and made a luncheon meat omelette. I used 6 eggs and this is meant for two portions.

I also air fried a piece of el cheapo (but tasty) rump steak.

Sedap weh!

For dinner, I prepared in advance.

Thinly sliced pork belly. I simply baked the pork belly in the oven for 30 minutes, flipping over at half time.

Tonight my lahling and I will be staying up for the election results. Hoping for the best (so that I can eat curry mee kih...kih...kih....)


  1. Wowwwwww!!!! THREE eggs!!! They were perfegggg!!!! And more eggs for lunch!

  2. Wah, you are an early bird! Very very good! 👍You are right about plant creepers, if you want neat and tidy then you need to work hard maintaining them else just go for the wabi Sabi natural look.

    1. Early to vote, early to come home. I saw long lines at other places on social media.

  3. Nice to walk and enjoy the walk. I cast my vote early than you this morning!! After 8am but before 810am. And I bumped into my brother who was right in front of me in the queue. Lol. My hubby was eager and excited to send me to the polling station. No rain, good weather this morning over here. But not many crowds when I arrived. Unusual compared to last time. I and hubby will be staying for result too. Now checking online site and tv for update. Hope it wouldn't be like last time, so late in announcing the winner.

    1. Good! Now we are still waiting. Haiz! LOL!

  4. That's a bacon hill you've prepared!

    1. Not bacon but the Korean style BBQ pork belly, though not prepared Korean style LOL!

  5. I also left a bit after 7.30am and my polling station is in my taman itself, just 3 minutes away but the queue was long and spilled onto the road. Took me a good one and a half hours to cast my vote, a little better than the 2 hours the last time. Why your polling stations so fast one? So lucky! ;)

    1. Wow! The people at your polling station came so early in droves! At my polling station, not as many people compared to the time in 2018. Maybe they showed up later due to the early morning rain. That's why I managed to come out early.