Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Post GE 15 Carb Fest #4 : Ramen Hitoyoshi The Starling

The opening of Ramen Hitoyoshi was something I was looking forward to ever since I saw the banner back in August 2022.

Well, by that time I was already adopting a carnivore way of eating where carbohydrates are (almost) totally eliminated. So how does ramen feature in my diet?

I had already experienced such profound improvements to my mental, emotional and physical health that I would not want to go back to my old way of eating. However, I am open to enjoying a non-carnivore meal from time to time.

I don't intend to eliminate all the foods that I enjoy (just the frequency of consumption). I don't suffer from auto-immune disease, I am not psychotic and neither do I suffer from life threatening ailments that can flare up when I deviate from carnivore. 

So when I put up a wager to eat carbohydrates for one week (initially it was just one day), I could not miss the opportunity to eat at Ramen Hitoyoshi

They open at 11:30am, so I went over at just before 12:00pm. I didn't want to be too early.

Since I was early, I could seat anywhere I liked and I sat near the entrance.

There were people who came even earlier than me.

Ordering is by way of an order chit. You can choose the taste of the broth - light, normal or strong. I had no idea what "taste" meant, so I went with the middle road - normal. You can also choose thicker or thinner noodles and choose the degree of doneness - hard, normal or soft. Again, middle road - normal.

This was my choice of ramen.

Garlic Tonkotsu with All Topping. No sides, no drinks, already the ramen is RM34.80, no need to spend extra money.

While waiting for my order, I explored the condiments on my (very small) table.

I just realized my reflection is on the oil bottle hah..hah...

There is chili oil, soy sauce, sichimi (Japanese spice mix), vinegar and a container of what looked like fried shallots. I used only the oil.

There is also white/black sesame seeds which you grind up and put in the ramen.

Before long, my majestic bowl of ramen was served.

Whoa! Nice!

First, the ajitama. Beautifully executed, the yolks were runny and the egg was well marinated. The broth was really good too, though a tad too salty for me.

Later when I was paying my bill, the cashier asked me how I liked my ramen. I commented that I loved it but it was a bit too salty. She told me that I could choose the "light taste" if I wanted less salty. Oh! That's what "taste" meant. But it might affect the robustness of the broth because it would be diluted to make it less salty. I don't know, I'll have to test and that means another visit hee..hee..

As for the other ingredients in the bowl - the ramen (cooked to al dente), chasu, seaweed, black fungus and bamboo shoots - no complaints. I was happy with this bowl of ramen and it is worth future visits.

Four days of carbs so far and three days to go. Woohoo!


  1. looks yummy! i m so craving for ramen now!

    1. LOL! If I remember correctly you had ramen quite recently.

  2. That's one huge piece of seaweed. I would add sparingly as its strong taste can be quite over-powering. Of course, some people love that seaweed smell, the smell of the sea.

    1. The seaweed smell and taste was quite OK for me.

  3. I think you missed reading the order chit as the 'taste' was clearly stated as "taste of soup" If normal was already salty, I can't imagine if one asks for 'strong taste'. >.< Did they serve you the sesame seeds (for the ramen) or it was a condiment available on the table. I've never had ramen with ground sesame seeds before. I've only had it sprinkled on ramen or ground into a paste to make tonkatsu sauce.

    Now that you're on a wager to eat carbs, when is your lahling taking you out on a date night lah so that he can eat his favourite kind of food....a rice meal with! Sharing is caring...kekeke! ;D

    1. Oh ya, strong taste must be super salty, I cannot imagine having it like that >.< The sesame seeds were already on the table and when I asked, the server said to grind it and put in the ramen.

      Somehow we didn't go on a date nite to eat carbs together. LOL!

  4. Oh, this ramen looks good. Yesterday I ate ramen too, shared a bowl with my spouse. He ate the meat and a bit of noodles while I ate the remaining noodles which is a lot. I will definitely choose light taste if I eat at this ramen shop.

    1. Ah, I thought I saw that in your post this morning as I was having coffee. This ramen got standard.

  5. Sam would be happy to see that big piece of seaweed cause not all Ramen included this. Your bowl of Ramen looked very "happening" with all ingredients fully covered the noodles underneath!

    1. Yes, very loaded this ramen. If you find yourself at The Starling maybe you can go and sample it and let me know what you think. LOL!