Friday, 25 November 2022

Post GE 15 Carb Fest #2 : Seafood Wat Tan Hor

If there is something that lingers somewhere in the far recess of my mind, it is gravy koay teow.

Now, I have sat with my partner maybe once or twice at the dining table in recent times, he enjoying his Hokkien Mee/Wat Tan Hor and me watching, and yet there was no trigger response in me.

I can see his noodles, I can smell it and I can remember how it tastes and yet, I had no feelings towards the noodles. Weird, huh? But since I am fulfilling my wager to eat carbs, that is what I shall do and let's see if a Wat Tan Hor can excite me (again).

I went to my favorite place at A Foodie's Nest (The Starling, where else?) - Hotpot 1. It seems like forever since I have eaten here.

Ah! See that? I went for the Cantonese Kuey Teow (Seafood) which cost an extra RM10.00 compared to the Seafish Slice option.

While waiting for my food to be prepared, I was amused by the No Sleeping sign.

Before long my beeper beeped and I went to collect my lunch.

Look at that.

There were a few slices of fish, some pork/chicken, one small prawn and a piece of squid. I suspect I paid extra RM10.00 just for the prawn and squid and if there is a next time, I would save my money.

The gravy was thin, perhaps due to not enough cornstarch slurry. So it was more like a soup rather than thick gravy.

I was given a bowl and I opted not to have the candle lit under the claypot. The food was already super piping hot when served.

There was a good measure of wok hei and the fish slices were fresh, so were the single prawn and small piece of squid. Flavors were good and the portion size was very generous. Yes, I enjoyed this gravy koay teow more than I enjoyed yesterday's curry mee.

What shall I eat next? Let's see how it goes tomorrow. 


  1. It was way soupy!! Yes, lack of the cornstarch for that thick gravy texture.

    Good that you enjoy this. Look forward to see what you are having next!!

  2. Ooooo...that looks good!!! All that seafood! I sure would enjoy this a lot more than any curry mee!

    1. Oh ya, this was better than curry mee.

  3. i just noticed that the chopstick terbalik (one facing up another facing down). I prefer thick gravy wat tan hor. I think i will choose without seafood too...RM10 extra is just not worth the few pieces of squid/prawns.

  4. Your 90 days program finished liao or just tergendala for you to fulfill your pledge to eat carbs? 😂 Don't know when I can eat wat tan hor since no one to share with me now.

    1. Tergendala LOL! I will ganti and reboot in December.